American Heritage Girls Programs

Girl with binocularsThe Missouri Botanical Garden is now offering programming to American Heritage Girls! We are happy to work with leaders to create programming on a case-by-case basis to complete requirements within the badges listed below. American Heritage Girl programming is available at the Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG), the Shaw Nature Reserve (SNR) or as an outreach program.

At the Missouri Botanical Garden:
Nature and Wildlife
Gardening and Plant Science
Our Feathered Friends

At the Shaw Nature Reserve:
Nature and Wildlife
Outdoor Skills
Our Feathered Friends

Group program details and pricing are the same as those for Girl Scout Troops at the Missouri Botanical Garden and Shaw Nature Reserve, and outreach program details and pricing are the same as our other Scout Outreach Programs, however online registration/scheduling for American Heritage Girls programs is not available and must be done by contacting the Scout Instructor directly.

To contact the Scout Instructor and schedule a program, please email or call (314) 577-9473 x 76357.