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Robbie HartRobbie Hart
Assistant Curator
High Elevation Ethnobotany and GLORIA
William L. Brown Center

Ph.D. Candidate, University of Missouri-St. Louis

office phone: + 1 (314) 577-9473 x6318
fax: + 1 (314) 577-0800

Missouri Botanical Garden
4344 Shaw Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63110

Ph.D., University of Missouri-St. Louis
B.A., Swarthmore College, PA, 2004
A.A. Honors, Peninsula College, WA, 2000
Ethnobotany / Ethnobiology Plant Ecology Climate Change Montane and Alpine Ecosystems
Current Projects
Longterm monitoring of alpine biodiversity, ethnobotanical knowledge, and climate change in the Himalaya and Caucasus Climate-driven change in Himalayan Rhododendron: phenology and distribution over the last 100 years. Patterns and processes in Himalayan biodiversity and the linguistic knowledge base
For Robert Evan Hart's complete CV with list of publications, click here (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).
Papers Robbie Hart, Elizabeth M. Georgian, and Jan Salick. 2016. "Fast and Cheap in the Fall: Phylogenetic determinants of late flowering phenologies in Himalayan Rhododendron (Ericaceae)". American Journal of Botany 103: 198-206. Ryan J. Thoni and Robbie Hart. 2015. "Repatriating a lost name: notes on McClelland and Griffith’s Cobitis boutanensis (Cypriniformes: Nemacheilidae)". Zootaxa 3999: 291 – 294. Robbie Hart, Jan Salick, Sailesh Ranjitkar, and Xu Jianchu. 2014. "Herbarium specimens show contrasting phenological responses to Himalayan climate". PNAS 111:29 10615-10619. Sailesh Ranjitkar, Roeland Kindt, Nani Maiya Sujakhu, Robbie Hart, Wen Guo, Xuefei Yang, Krishna Kumar Shrestha, Jianchu Xu, Eike Luedeling. 2014. "Separation of the bioclimatic spaces of Himalayan tree rhododendron species predicted by ensemble suitability models". Global Ecology and Conservation 1: 2-12.
Book Chapters Robbie Hart, Wayne Law and Peter Wyse Jackson. 2014. "Biocultural collections for conservation". In Curating Biocultural Collections, Jan Salick, Katie Konchar and Mark Nesbitt (eds.), pp. 329-346. Kew Press. Robbie Hart. 2007 "Written Word, Oral World". In Book of Peoples of the World, Wade Davis, K David Harrison and Catherine Herbert Howell (eds.), pp. 252-255. National Geographic Society.
Books and Theses Climate-driven Change in Himalayan Rhododendron Phenology. 2015. Doctoral Dissertation, Department of Biology, University of Missouri - St. Louis. Up and Down the Mountain. 2004. BA Thesis, Department of Linguistics, Swarthmore College, PA.