Our Butterfly Collection
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On these pages you will find many of the butterflies that we import for our Conservatory as well as a number of the butterflies that are local to our area and inhabit our outdoor butterfly gardens. 

The first item for each butterfly is its Latin name and this link will take you to additional information about the species. 

Chrysiridia croesus


Scientific Name: Chrysiridia croesus
Common Name: Tanzanian Sunset Moth
Native Location: Tanzania, Madagascar
Host Plant: Omphalea sp. Euphorbiaceae
Description: "Incredible" is the only way to describe this moth. Every color is represented on the wings and body of this spectacular insect. The bright coloration advertises their distastefulness. This advertisement is called aposematism and has been naturally selected for thousands of years. The plants the caterpillars feed on contain large amounts of distasteful alkaloids, these chemicals are stored by the moth for its own defense. Interestingly, this moth is often erroneously referred to as: "the most beautiful butterfly in the world".

<i>Chrysiridia croesus</i>  <i>Chrysiridia croesus</i>  <i>Chrysiridia croesus</i>  <i>Chrysiridia croesus</i>