Butterfly Article

Battus polydamus


Scientific Name: Battus polydamus
Common Name: Gold Rim Swallowtail
Native Location: Brazil and Ecuador North to Southern Florida
Host Plant: Aristolochia sp.
Description: This is one of the few we receive whose home range actually extends into North America. We receive our chrysalides from Costa Rica, but total range of this species stretches from Brazil and Ecuador North to Southern Florida. The Gold Rim Swallowtail, like most of the genus Battus, is considered quite distasteful or even toxic to predators. The caterpillars only feed on a group of plants called Pipevines in the genus Aristolochia. These plants contain a toxin called aristolochic acid. Caterpillars store this chemical for their own defense. These butterflies really love the sun and they are usually found right out in the open sipping nectar from flowers.

<i>Battus polydamas</i>  <i>Battus polydamus</i>