Please note that plastic pots are not accepted for recycling at the Missouri Botanical Garden. 

Deliver material directly to:

Central Paper Stock
6665 Jonas Place
St Louis, MO 63134

To schedule delivery, please call 314-521-8686 ext 101.

Contractor Pot Recycling Details

The Pots to Planks program is discontinued. However, recycled plastic timbers can be purchased at Kirkwood Material Supply, 800 S. Filmore, St. Louis, MO 63122; (314) 822-9644.


No Plastic Plant Pot Recycling for 2022

Missouri Botanical Garden has been tracking and supporting plastic pot recycling issues and options for many years. We have reported since spring 2020 that the recycling collection program our region had known was suspended due to recycling business market challenges and other issues. 

This spring, we regret to report that the program is not resuming. The kinds of plastic used to manufacture garden containers continue to have a negative value in the recycling industry. The company that took over pot recycling from the Garden in 2017 has been trying all market options, drawing on expertise of their 60+ years in the recycling business. When there are no markets for a material, collection of material(s) stops making sense.

We appreciate all the effort that has gone into plastic pot recycling, from home gardeners and leaders of our locally owned garden centers that have hosted collection trailers. Organizations like garden clubs MAY be able to accept plastic pots at some times of the year. We advise individuals wanting to donate plastic pots to search for community groups who might want the materials on apps like NextDoor, Craigslist, and Facebook groups. Please confirm that any group can use the kinds of pots you have, before delivering them. 

Always dispose of garden plastic containers—pots, trays, cell-packs—in your landfill trash. These kinds of items will be a contaminant in your household or single stream recycling bins, endangering the viability of that collection system! If an item is not on the list of accepted materials for your community's recycling program, it should not go into your recycling bin. 

Visit for more details.

The Garden's sustainability team continues to monitor plastic recycling issues, specific to plant pots and about plastic pollution in general. We will work, through diverse networks and partnerships, toward sustainable solutions.

Thanks for your understanding—and for all the green things you are able to do!

 Plastics Accepted:

Cell packs

Hanging baskets


Pots of all sizes

Plastic plant tags


 Not Accepted:

No metal pots

No household plastic

No food plastic

No clay pots

No soil

No metal hangers

No plastic bags

No biodegradable "paper" pots

No plastic film

Plastic Pot Recycling 2019 Collection
April 1–November 1


Over 350,000 pounds of horticultural plastic contributes to the waste stream each year. Since 1998, our region’s plastic pot recycling program has prevented over one million pounds of horticultural waste from reaching the landfill. Plastic Pot Recycling is now managed by Central Paper Stock (CPS), a local leader in the recycling business for over 70 years.

Central Paper Stock has invested in equipment to effectively process horticultural plastic and to increase the capacity of this program. The Garden will continue to provide a pot collection trailer at our Bayer Center for the convenience of Garden members and friends.


You can help.

Recycle your plastic garden pots, cell packs and trays.
Follow these easy steps:

  • Collect your plastic gardening containers such as cell packs, pots and trays.

  • Empty soil, rocks, and plant material out of all containers.

  • Remove metal hangers or other foreign materials.

  • Plastic plant tags should be nestled inside pots.

  • Bring them to one of the locations listed below.

  • Individually drop them into the green collection trailers.


 Plastic Pot Recycle

Collect and sort your plastic gardening containers into cell packs, pots, and trays. Please shake soil and rocks out of containers and remove all metal hangers, rings or other foreign materials.

 Plastic Pot Recycle Bring them to the Garden’s Bayer Center or your nearest participating satellite garden center location.
 Plastic Pot Recycle We grind them up and market the chips to manufacturers of plastic lumber, retaining wall ties, or other recycled products!
 Plastic Pot Recycle Plastic timbers are water and pest resistant and can be cut and drilled similar to wooden lumber. They outlast traditional wooden railroad ties that have a life span of only ten to 15 years.

 St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District

 Missouri Department of Natural Resources