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Chrysanthemums add Seasonal Beauty to the Fall Landscape!

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Chrysanthemums add  Seasonal Beauty to the Fall Landscape!

Fall seems to be in full swing! Crisp cool nights, warm sunny days, clear blue skies; yes fall is in full swing. Additionally, the changing colorful landscape and the beauty of fallen leaves are all contributing to a great fall season.

Mother Nature provides part of the changing landscape, but you can enjoy some additional color and enjoyment by adding some garden mums (Chrysanthemum) to your landscape.

The mum has always been synonymous with fall and hybridization has done wonders to bring you great Chrysanthemums for the home garden. From standing tall in a landscape bed or container to cascading over a hanging basket or wall, the chrysanthemum makes fall. There’s good reason it’s the “flower of the month” for November.

Mums are available in several flower types that are classified according to the shape of the flower and arrangement of the petals. In addition to explaining how to grow the chrysanthemum in your garden, the Kemper Factsheet linked above describes and diagrams these different flower types.

Flower colors can be in shades of purple, pink, bronze, red, yellow, orange and white. Mums in the garden center are also often grouped according to their response type; the amount of weeks it takes for them to flower after the temperature and day length is optimal for that particular variety. Flowering can begin very early in the fall or late in the season, depending on the variety.

Although it is an herbaceous perennial, my experience has been that chrysanthemums survive the winter much better when planted in late spring, early summer, or early in the fall.  By planting the mum at these times, it has a chance to get well rooted into the soil before winter arrives, thereby increasing its survival rate. Many garden centers offer small blooming mum plants in the spring that will bloom again in the fall with proper pinching of the plant.

If you’re interested in growing them as a perennial, answers to some of your questions can be found by following these links to FAQ answers on How do I grow chrysanthemums and When should I pinch my mums?

If you don’t want to devout the time and effort of growing them in your garden before you get those beautiful fall flowers, why not use them as an annual planted in the fall? Whether it’s just one in a container on your porch, patio and/or deck or a whole bed full of this fall favorite, now would be a good time to visit your favorite garden center and make your selection. A recent visit to one of mine, revealed a good selection of sizes and colors still available.

As you visit the Missouri Botanical Garden this fall, you’ll find mums in beds, hanging baskets and other containers, some standing tall and others cascading over a wall.

If you want more detailed information about some specific Chrysanthemum cultivars, just type “chrysanthemum” into the Genus box in the Advanced Search section of the Plant Finder page of this website.  

And as always, additional advice, tips and resources are also available by using the services of the William T. Kemper Center for Home Gardening.

Increase the beauty of fall by adding some mums to your landscape!

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