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What Can I Plant Here?

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What Can I Plant Here?

Beginning this month we are kicking off a new series of Visual Guides. This series, called our ProblemSolver Plants, will focus on good plants for problem locations in your home garden. A new ProblemSolver Plants Visual Guide will be débuted roughly once a month. The first in the series is “ProblemSolver Plants for Dry Shade”. As you might expect, we receive many questions at our Plant Doctor desk and through our Horticulture Answer Service on what will grow in this harsh situation. In our guide we highlight 18 good plants that we have found will survive in this location. These would be some good plants to start with. We have also included a link called “More plants” that will take you to closely related plants (usually cultivars) in our Plant Finder, which will extend your plant choices.

We invite you to explore this new Visual Guide and, if you like, share your plant recommendations with us for this tough location. Your recommendations can be emailed to PlantInformation@mobot.org. Submissions will be reviewed and selected plants will be added to the “Recommendations from our Website Users” section of the guide at a later date. Please indicate in your email that you are sending “recommended plants for dry shade.” We look forward to hearing from you.

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