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A Very Festive and Educational Year

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A Very Festive and Educational Year

This spring and summer the Center featured a cornucopia of fun and festive displays and demonstrations. There were creative uses of recycled materials to new and creative uses of plants (both live and dried) to new trends in gardening and weekly fresh flower arrangements. Here is an overview of what made this spring and summer fun, educational and inspiring for all our visitors:

March - 2015 to Current: Sustainable Art Demonstrations Using Recycled Materials

Chinese dragon (from recycled fabric left-over from the Lantern sculptures); wire fairy sculpture (to spotlight the new fairy garden featured in the Kemper Children’s Garden); silverware wind chimes; recycled clay pot wreath; upcycled fabric jewelry; origami cranes/butterflies and Japanese paper lanterns (to coincide with the Japanese Festival)

Creative Uses of Plants

Twig wall art; seed paper (recycled paper that blooms!); pressed flower jewelry; flower pounding; dried rose petal hearts; pressing flowers; flower arranging; a cherry blossom tree made from PVC pipe, Harry Lauder walking stick (Corylus avellana 'Contorta')  and origami cherry blossoms

Food and Nature Appreciation

Vegetable sampling; river rock doormats; bird suet

New Gardening Trends

Terra cotta table top fountain; mini fairy gardens; Kokedama; rain chain; tower garden (aeroponics)

Get Set for Fall and Winter

The creativity and inspiration hasn’t ended – the summer cherry tree is transformed into a fall maple tree with origami leaves. You will also see a stunning twig and moss “picture” over our fireplace along with  plants and flowers being dried for our 8th annual holiday gourdament tree. This year’s theme is “All Around the World”. Our Tower Garden continues to show how to grow vegetables year-round indoors without soil using aeroponics!

Deb, Jan and their crew of volunteers have made this a stunning year in Kemper.

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