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Like your Fruits and Vegetables? Thank a Bee.

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Like your Fruits and Vegetables? Thank a Bee.

If you like your fruits and vegetables, you should definitely thank a bee. The domesticated honeybee is one of the most familiar beneficial insects and plays a key role in the pollination of many of our home and commercially grown fruits and vegetables. It is also an important pollinator of many agricultural crops and a large number of ornamental flowers, herbs, trees, shrubs, wildflowers and meadow plants.

In addition to helping pollinate the things we love to eat, the honeybee’s production of honey and beeswax provides the ingredients for many food and other commercial products that we all use and love.

At the William T. Kemper Center for Home Gardening, you’ll find three beehives located in close proximity to the Marilyn and Sam Fox Fruit Garden.

From apple trees to small fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and more, this demonstration garden must be like honeybee heaven! A walk thru this garden will bear testament to a job well done by the honeybee.

Other bees besides the honeybee are also efficient and dependable pollinators and should be a welcome addition to your garden and landscape. Why not encourage them by providing some of the plants they love and protect them by judicious use of pesticides on your vegetable and ornamental plantings?

Most bees are not aggressive by nature and will not sting unless they are protecting their hive from an intruder or are provoked in some manner. So if bees are a part of your landscape, don’t worry, be happy!

Want to see honeybees up close and personal? Inside the Center for Home Gardening you’ll find a working beehive with glass sides. Watch their industrious activity, and look for the “queen”.

In addition to bees and other insects, there are many other beneficials in the landscape. Even other plants can be beneficial to each other. The linked Kemper Fact Sheet will tell you more.

One of the most beneficial things about life in the Saint Louis area has to be what the honeybee has already discovered. The Missouri Botanical Garden is a great place to visit!

Why not buzz on over, have a great visit, and thank a bee!

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