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Mum’s the Word

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Mum’s the Word
The chrysanthemum (or mum as it is commonly known) is a fall classic that conjures up thoughts of crisp nights, warm apple cider and gatherings around the outdoor fire pit for stories and laughter.  Mums are typically purchased for a brief burst of color in the fall garden and are appealing because they bloom prolifically well after other garden plants have worn out for the season.  Hundreds of types of chrysanthemums are available with variations mostly in color, size and form.  ...
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Chrysanthemums add  Seasonal Beauty to the Fall Landscape!
Fall seems to be in full swing! Crisp cool nights, warm sunny days, clear blue skies; yes fall is in full swing. Additionally, the changing colorful landscape and the beauty of fallen leaves are all contributing to a great fall season.Mother Nature provides part of the changing landscape, but you can enjoy some additional color and enjoyment by adding some garden mums (Chrysanthemum) to your landscape. The mum has always been synonymous with fall and hybridization has done wonders to bring ...
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