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Impatiens for Shade Requires Patience and New Varieties
For many years impatiens, a.k.a. bizzy Lizzy (Impatiens walleriana), has been the annual of choice for the shade garden. All of that changed several years ago when the downy mildew of impatiens disease devastated this popular annual.Initially, only noticed in production greenhouses, the disease has since been found in commercial landscape plantings and could affect the home gardener as well.  Control of the disease is difficult at best and most fungicides offer protection rather than eradic...
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What Can I Plant Here?

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What Can I Plant Here?
Beginning this month we are kicking off a new series of Visual Guides. This series, called our ProblemSolver Plants, will focus on good plants for problem locations in your home garden. A new ProblemSolver Plants Visual Guide will be débuted roughly once a month. The first in the series is “ProblemSolver Plants for Dry Shade”. As you might expect, we receive many questions at our Plant Doctor desk and through our Horticulture Answer Service on what will grow in this harsh sit...
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Hosta-Great for Shade but Sometimes Holey!

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Hosta-Great for Shade  but Sometimes Holey!
If you’re looking for a great herbaceous perennial that has it “made in the shade”, there are numerous species and cultivars of Hosta to fill that need and enlighten the landscape.Hostas are primarily grown for their diversity in leaf size, coloration, texture and shape, but the beauty of their flowers may also be a consideration when choosing a hosta. Flowers, sometimes fragrant, range in colors from white to shades of lavender and purple.Our Plant Finder pages will intr...
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