Therapeutic Horticulture Frequently Asked Questions
Group in the Zimmerman Sensory Garden

Some of the following questions and answers have been adapted from the American Horticulture Therapy Association.

What are some examples of Therapeutic Horticulture program activities?

  • Flower arranging
  • Planting and maintaining gardens
  • Nature printing
  • Various aromatherapy activities
  • Exploring and making herbal teas or herbal sachets
  • Nature journaling
  • Nature based meditation and mindfulness practices
Refer to the Menu of Services for further examples.

Therapeutic Horticultural Programs at the Garden are made possible
through contributions by:

Dr. Oscar and Barbara Soule
Friends and family of Dr. Samuel D. Soule
Edward Chase Garvey Memorial Foundation
E. Reuben and Gladys Flora Grant Charitable Trust
Mary Anne Lucas Fund
David R. and Mary L. Tognoni Program Fund