Presentations and Demos

Presentation Schedule

10 a.m.
Preserve the Harvest: Make Living Foods!

Stage 1
Learn about basic vegetable fermentation and how to make your own pro-biotic living delicacies, from sauerkraut to kimchi to crock pickles.
—Rachel Levi, EarthDance

10:30 a.m.
Why Solar? Why Now?

Stage 2
The Ameren Missouri solar rebate is decreasing at the end of 2013, so now is the time to pursue solar for your home or business. Learn how to determine if your home or business if a good site for solar, how much electricity a solar electric system would produce, the financial and environmental benefits of an installation and what questions you should ask a solar installer.
—Mike Hornitschek, StraightUp Solar  

11 a.m.
Reconnect with Nature in Your Own Back Yard

Stage 1
Landscaping for nature—or landscaping for life—in urban spaces of all kinds can make a real difference for at-risk plants and animals, ecosystem services and our own well-being. Reconnect with nature in your own landscape. Share that experience with others. Watch your life change.
—Mitch Leachman, St. Louis Audubon Society 

11:30 a.m.
Fill It Up With Natural Gas

Stage 2
The phrase "fill it up with natural gas" may just be "down the road." Interest in alternative fueled vehicles offering lower fuel cost and lower emissions is increasing. Natural gas is abundant and is projected to be for years to come and it's domestically produced. What's more, technologies are being developed that will allow you to fuel from home. This workshop will showcase a home refueling system for natural gas vehicles.
—Jim Travis, Laclede Gas Company 

Worm Composting at Home

Stage 1
Can worms really turn your garbage into black gold? Learn everything you need to know to start composting with worms at home!
—Matt Lebon, EarthDance

12:30 p.m.
Tips to Save Money on Heating + Cooling Costs

Stage 2
—Jason Orsega, JT Dunn Heating + Cooling 

1 p.m.
The Honey Bee & Products From Their Hives

Stage 1
Learn some fun and interesting facts about the honey bee from the way they communicate, how they make their honey and what products can be made from their hives.
—Corinne Collins, Corrine’s Honey Farm

1:30 p.m.
Solar Shingles Have Arrived

Stage 2
While solar panels remain the most popular choice for outfitting existing homes for solar electricity, many are turning to the new solar shingles. This workshop will highlight Building-Integrated Photovoltaics, which allow the roofing material to turn sunlight into electricity in the same manner that a solar panel does.
—Dan Shannon, Microgrid Solar 

2 p.m.

Stage 1
Rain gardening and water conservation coupled with the use of native plants and choosing the right plant for the conditions of the landscape help homeowners live more in harmony with their natural ecosystem. This presentation will help spark their creativity in following this principle.
—Cindy Gilberg, Deer Creek Watershed Alliance 

2:30 p.m.

Do You Know Your Home’s IAQ?
Stage 2
Learn how to create a healthier indoor environment for your home or office. See samples of and learn where to source where to source fabrics, carpet & flooring, paint, hard surface materials and even bedding that will contribute to improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.
—Diane Rosen, Diane Rosen Interiors LLC

3 p.m.
Backyard Chickens

Stage 1
—Katy Mike Smaistrla

3:30 p.m.
Don’t Demolish, DECONSTRUCT!

Stage 2
The presentation will cover the three B's of deconstruction: basics, benefits, and barriers. We will also discuss some creative ways to repurpose commonly discarded building materials.
—Eric Schwarz, Refab St. Louis