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Garden Joins the Living Earth Collaborative
From the Library: Analyzing a Mystery Book
18th Century Coloring Book Discovered 

The Garden has joined the St. Louis Zoo and Washington University in a first-of-its-kind conservation initiative. 

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Digital scanning efforts reveal a previously undocumented work by noted botanist Carl Linnaeus. 

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Researchers recently discovered an ancient coloring book at the Garden's Peter H. Raven Library. 

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Tropicos and Other Botanical Resources

TROPICOS, the world's largest database of plant information, contains fully web-searchable records for over 1.2 million plant names and nearly 4.1 million specimens.

The Garden's extensive online research resources also include an unparalleled variety of databases, checklists, monographs and more.

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Annual Fall Symposium


The Missouri Botanical Garden will host its 65th Annual Fall Symposium on October 12-13, 2018, entitled “Biota of North America: what we know, what we don’t know and what we’re losing.” This year’s Symposium brings together a distinguished group of speakers actively working on increasing our understanding of species diversity and ecological interactions in North American ecosystems, as well the most pressing conservation issues they face. A surprising number and variety of North American species are quietly disappearing, yet scientists have only catalogued a small proportion of the total diversity of organisms. Our speakers will highlight the current status of our knowledge of North American species, showcase important ecological interactions at risk, and provide a perspective on future conservation actions. The program will be of interest to students of systematics, phylogeny, evolution, and conservation. Learn more