Conservation in Action

The Missouri Botanical Garden is home to several plant research organizations dedicated to the conservation of biological diversity. With resident staff around the world, these centers provide valuable information for policy makers and planners as well as biodiversity conservation practitioners, botanists, ecologists, geneticists and others in the scientific community.

Center for Conservation and Sustainable Development

ResearchThe Center for Conservation and Sustainable Development (CCSD) consolidates and applies the Garden's scientific expertise to ensure that the planet's biological diversity is safeguarded and available for future use. The CCSD bridges the gap between conservation efforts and the Garden's scientific research in plant systematics and floristics.
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William L. Brown Center

ResearchThe William L. Brown Center (WLBC) is dedicated to the study of plants, understanding the relationships between humans, plants and their environment, and the conservation of plant species and knowledge for future generations. Ethnobotanists at the WLBC strive to preserve local knowledge about plants as they work with local people to promote sustainable use of existing resources.
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Center for Biodiversity Informatics

ResearchThe Center for Biodiversity Informatics (CBI) seeks to provide innovative technology solutions to the global community of life science scholars in order to mobilize, integrate, and repatriate data about the world’s biodiversity. Efforts are underway to make the vast, decentralized resources of global biodiversity information available in digital form.
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