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New Partner in Gabon

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New Partner in Gabon

The Garden has a new collaborator in Gabon, the National Association for National Parks (ANPN). Looking ahead, the Garden will work on in-situ and ex-situ conservation in the Mondah Forest reserve. It will also provide technical input to the ANPN’s program inventorying Gabon’s stocks of biodiversity and carbon. The new agreement will also allow the Garden to develop and lead the flora component of biodiversity studies in the 14 protected areas managed by ANPN. Tariq Stévart, coordinator of the Garden's program in Central Africa, will lead a biodiversity study of the Bas Ogooué wetlands, one of the largest and best-preserved wetland areas in all of Africa. The study will be key in the development and implementation of the site’s conservation management plan in the future.

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