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Garden Seed Bank Adds Large Collection of Teosinte Seed
A large collection of Teosinte seed was recently transferred from Duke University to the Missouri Botanical Garden Seed Bank. Teosinte is the wild ancestor to modern corn and the preservation of its genetic material is important to corn research and supports the long term conservation of crop wild relatives. The collection includes seven different species in the genus Zea and will be stored in long-term freezer storage where it may remain viable for decades.We are in the process of accessio...
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Garden Scientists Discovered More Than 180 New Species in 2015
Scientists at the Missouri Botanical Garden discovered more than 180 new species of plants in 2015, a number which will likely represent approximately 10 percent of all new species discovered in the world last year.Among the discoveries were 19 new species published by Dr. Charlotte Taylor. Dr. Taylor is credited with naming and describing more than 300 new species in her lifetime. She is one of the most prolific female plant name authors in history, and has worked at the Garden for more than 25...
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A Conversation with Dr. Charlotte Taylor

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A Conversation with Dr. Charlotte Taylor
Curator Dr. Charlotte Taylor joined the Missouri Botanical Garden in 1990. Today, she is not only considered one of the world’s leading Rubiaceae experts, but she is also among the 500 most productive plant name authors, of which she is only one of eight females and the only one of those eight still publishing names today. With more than 300 new species described to date—19 in 2015 alone—Dr. Taylor is currently working on describing more species, organizing all the information ...
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