Nature in Our Neighborhoods: Where We Pray
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Many of us have experienced the power of nature and the great outdoors as salve for the soul. Given our harried, fast-paced lives, quiet time spent amid songbirds, blooming wildflowers, shady canopies and spring peepers can be therapeutic in more ways than one. While patches of healing nature can be almost anywhere, the places where we congregate to reflect and connect can be wonderful places for nature to flourish. Help us populate the case study portfolio below with real stories from across the St. Louis region. Is your place of worship welcoming nature into its realm? Share your project and story
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Children planting treesQuick Tip: If service is a priority for your faith community, why not plant a native tree (or two or three). While it will take both time and tenderness for young trees to mature, provide shade, clean and cool our air and provide homes for wildlife, this simple, giving, loving act is all about future generations.