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TerraCycle Recycles...Almost Everything!Have you ever wondered what to do with an energy bar wrapper or drink pouch after the last bite and sip? TerraCycle, an innovative recycling company, started considering options to keep hard-to-recycle waste out of the landfill in 2001. They offer a wide range of free programs funded by conscientious companies and provide recycling solutions for almost every form of waste from hand warmers to toothbrushes to cigarettes! St. Louis is participating in the ci...
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Behind the Brew: Classes for Beer Lovers

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Learn about sustainable beer brewing at Urban Chestnut, one of the leading LEED and sustainable brewing companies in the St. Louis region. Co-founder Florian Kuplent will take you on a tour into the history of brewing of German beers from hops to the brewing process. Register for classes separately. Must be 21 and older to register.Behind the Brew: Hops and Brewing Tuesday, November 1, 2016 7-8:30 p.m.Urban Chestnut Brewing, 4465 Manchester Ave., St. LouisCost: $20 members, $25 nonmembersBehind...
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Homemade Cleaners to Go!

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Homemade Cleaners to Go! Join us in making cleaning products you can make at home –save money, use less hazardous materials, and know the ingredients. Great for all, especially those wanting to remove certain products from their homes and anyone with sensitive skin, allergies, or health needs. You’ll go home with two products: liquid laundry detergent and all-purpose spray cleaner. Wednesday, January 18, 20176:30-8:30 p.m.Missouri Botanical Garden Education Plant Lab...
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Sustainability at the Garden - Meet the Challenge!

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Demolition projects always result in large amounts of construction waste, and the Garden works to divert as much waste as possible from the landfill. In the recent demolition of the structures at the site of the new Oertli Family Hardy Plant Nursery, the Garden was able to divert 80% of the debris generated by the demolition.Trash is often filled with “raw materials” and as a result, the Garden was able to recycle over 8,400 tons of the construction material. This included 7,950 tons...
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Winter Preparedness Can Save You Money

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The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program is a holistic approach to residential energy efficiency, indoor comfort, and health. Look for utility rebates for energy efficient upgrades in your home as you get ready for winter. You can lower first time costs while saving energy and money and increasing comfort in your home. Laclede Gas has rebate and financing options and Ameren Missouri has rebates as well.  For more information on how Missouri/Illinois St. Louis Regional Home Performance ...
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This one invasive plant is taking over everything in our yards, along roads and streams, and in our parks. Bush Honeysuckle has no natural competitors – but you can help eradicate this pernicious plant. Spring and fall are especially good times to remove honeysuckle, so join volunteers from 20+ local groups for The Honeysuckle Sweep for Healthy Habitat - October 29 through November 6. Learn more and sign up. For more information on honeysuckle eradication, contact 'green Jean' Ponzi at (31...
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Students Conduct Waste Audits

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Students got “hands on” experience doing waste audits at their schools this fall. Fourth, fifth and sixth graders collected school trash for a day and EarthWays staff helped them sort it into recycling, compost and landfill trash. The schools will use the results of the waste audits to establish a Green Team and learn about waste reduction through special projects and classroom activities.  Halls Ferry Elementary, Griffith School, St. Francis of Assisi and Gotsch Elementary are ...
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