Food Choices and Food Serving Items

Food is a major part of most events. How you plan to source food, serve food and manage food waste can be key to greening your event footprint. Select action tasks your event will take related to food, food service items, and food waste components of your event. 

Goal: Make Sustainable Food Choices

 Use Local and Sustainably Certified Food        
If hiring a caterer, use local caterers and ask them to work with your green event guidelines. If not hiring a caterer, use local foods. Set a goal: at least 5% of food should be locally produced.      Use organically produced food and beverages. Products should be certified as meeting regional or USDA organic standards, to the greatest extent possible.   
  Look for low food miles; the lower the distance the food has to travel the better. Set a goal: at lest 10% of the food should be locally produced. 
 Composting and Recycling            

      Provide for composting of scraps and leftovers.   
  If leftover food or beverages are expected, make contact with a nonprofit organization to arrange for food donation after the event. 
 Promote Your Green Efforts                
Educate and engage vendors and event workers to fully support: 
  Educate and engage attendees and event workers to fully support: 
  Report data collected showing results of greening efforts to EPA (see Sample Metrics for ideas on what data could be collected at your event). 

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