Green Event Glossary

Not sure what something means? Want to learn more about green event planning? Dig a littler deeper into the details of sustainable measures you may want to pursue to better understand the options available with the Glossary provided below. This knowledge can help your whole event planning committee make the most sensible sustainable decisions for your event. 

Green Event Guide - Glossary Dropdown

Eco-Friendly Gifts and Awards

Recycled or Reclaimed Materials 

Items made from reclaimed or recycled material demonstrate your event's Green commitments to honorees and the community they have served. Be sure to research what kinds of recycled-content material options are available in your area. Here are a few examples of recycled/reused awards: 
  • A small Missouri enterprise sells plaques made from compression-molded sheets of recycled plastic jugs (typically fabricated into store displays and state park restroom partitions) cut as the outline of their state; the award text is added on small locally engraved plaques glued to the state shape. 

  • The Missouri Recycling Association awards have been locally engraved plagues glued to chunks of polished marble and granite that are recovered from counter-top fabricators. 

  • Awards made from recycled glass, available commercially, can have recipient information etched into the glass. 
What About Edible or Service Gifts and Awards?

Let your recognition send a Green message! 

Anything consumable makes a great special gift - that never needs dusting! A basket from a popular local bakery, confectionery, cheese-maker, winery or brewery can support and promote these kinds of enterprises, while giving recipients a special treat. Maybe consider a gift certificate from a local spa or restaurant as an award. Your event can support local cultural institutions as honoree's whole family gain benefit from a gift memberships to a botanical garden, zoo or museum in your area. Of course a general "gift card" is easy and appreciated - but can those plastic cards be recycled in your area? 
What is Locally or Regionally Produced? 

 "Local" can celebrate your town, country or state with this very Green value crafted into your message to honored recipients. When your event sources speaker gifts and organizational awards from a local producers - and spotlights that choice in the presentation - you can generate support for local enterprises of all kinds.