When planning your event, be sure to think about how people will get there. Select action tasks that support and encourage participants to use sustainable transportation options. 


Goal: Encourage Participants to use Sustainable Transportation

Encourage Carpooling and Shuttles    
Encourage public transportation or carpooling. 
  Provide an electronic platform for participants to communicate and organize sharing of cars, buses, and/or taxis.   
  Encourage public transportation. If public transport is not available, organize a shuttle or carshare service for travel between the hotel, venue and/or point of arrival/departure (e.g. railway/bus station, airport).
Provide preferential parking for carpoolers.
    Post a ride-share board at the registration area or hotel lobby, if transportation to off-site meetings and tours is not pre-arranged.     
Encourage the use of Bicycles     
Promote the use of bicycles by providing appropriate information (e.g. bike routes) to attendees.  
  Provide a secure area to park bikes with easily accessible bike racks or volunteer bike valet support for cyclists.   
  Make bicycles available for participants to borrow or rent.
Encourage the use of Alternative Fuel Vehicles        
Provide preferential parking to alternative fuel vehicles.  
  If a bus rental company needs to be hired, select one that operates with hybrid/electric/alternative fuel fleets and that applies ecological driving practices (e.g. no idling, route planning, minimal trips). 
Promote Your Green Efforts    
Provide attendees with information on reducing release of greenhouse gasses through the personal use of sustainable transportation.  
  Offer remote participation  

Goal: Make Sustainable Choices for how Materials and Goods are Shipped to Your Event

Use Sustainable Shipping Methods    
Acquire event materials locally to minimize shipping.
  Order materials with enough time for them to be bundled for shipping.  
  For materials that must be shipped, select a freight hauler that uses environmentally responsible practices in their operations (e.g. EPA SmartWay Certified Hauler). 

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