Camp EarthWays 2019

Each year, campers design and build their own green homes, but each year they focus on a different theme and travel to different sites. Campers learn about sustainable design and practice sustainability each day at camp. Campers are encouraged to bring a trash free lunch, recycle or compost waste when possible, and to take public transportation on field trips. At Camp EarthWays, campers truly learn how to envision a more sustainable future while incorporating sustainability into their daily lives.

Below are pictures and a daily schedule from Camp EarthWays 2019.

Daily Schedule 2019

Camp EarthWays Field Trips 2019

Campers are touring the recently LEED Gold Certified Soldiers Memorial with Angela Moore, the Facilities and Sustainability Coordinator for the Missouri Historical Society.


Campers take public transportation to field trips when possible. Public transportation is a great way to for cities to help lower overall greenhouse gas emissions and to ease congestion on major roads.

On South Grand, campers checked out some sustainable features of the area, including permeable concrete. This type of concrete allows stormwater to slowly soak into the ground instead of quickly running off and creating flooding problems.