EarthWays Center classes help learners discover sustainable solutions to address complex sustainability issues in our region. Current topics include energy efficiency, solar power, sustainability 101, recycling, waste, and other requests. Class offerings can be modified to fit your needs.

To make our programming more accessible and inclusive in a dynamic and changing environment, we have modified existing programming to a virtual format.

Pricing for virtual content is as follows: $100 for live virtual instruction, $75 for pre-recorded program with live follow-up access to instructor, and $50 for prerecorded virtual programming with no instructor.

The following virtual sustainability programs are available by request. Please call (314) 577-5185 or email for an electronic version of the following programs and/or to request a live instructor to accompany the programs.

  • Garbology 101
    Explore the engineering and design of modern landfills in order to better understand where our garbage goes when we throw things away and the importance of 3Rs practices. 
  • Living the 3Rs
    The 3Rs are a great way to conceptualize actions that help the environment. In this lesson, students will discuss what can and cannot be recycled, as well as ways to reduce and reuse these items. 
  • Decomposer Detectives
    Students investigate and observe a working vermicompost (worm) bin to explore how composting can be a sustainable solution for food waste. 
  • EnviroScape Presentation
    Learn how everyone plays a role in keeping water clean. See how pollution enters our streams and rivers and what you can do in your own neighborhood to help using the popular EnviroScape® Watershed model.

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