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Feast on Holiday Fun at the 2013 Gardenland Express Show

Feast on Holiday Fun at the 2013 Gardenland Express Show

The Garden's annual holiday flower and train show celebrates "Gathering for the Feast."
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What St. Louis Eats: Sam's Herb Garden

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Take the Family Food Challenge!

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Holiday Trimmings at the Kemper Center

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Holiday Trimmings at the Kemper Center
Every year, the Kemper Center adorns its lobby with a wonderfully festive Christmas tree, decorated with natural materials. This year’s Balsam fir tree has been decked with particularly unique ornaments, created out of dried and cleaned gourds.

Each “gourdament” has been thoughtfully decorated by staff members and volunteers to tie into this year’s theme of “Good Enough to Eat.” Heads of lettuce, barbeque grills, and eggplant ornaments can be seen throughout the tree, as well as traditional holiday-themed pieces.

The idea of using gourds as ornaments expanded upon the practice of using organic materials for decorations. The branches of the tree are topped with bundles of dried flowers and ornamentals, which have been dried in silica gel to preserve them. Even the star on top of the tree has been created by assembling dried onion flowers in a spherical shape. The gourdaments are also a great way to show visitors how to use the gourds that the Kemper staff is growing right outside of the building.

Kemper Center Originally, the gourds were simply used to create outdoor birdhouses, but upon discovering their popularity, staff began to use them for more creative indoor purposes as well.

See that creativity on display now through January 6!
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