Butterfly Article

Morpho peleides


Scientific Name: Morpho peleides
Common Name: Common Blue Morpho
Native Location: Central and South America
Host Plant: Pterocarpus
Description: This is far and away the most popular butterfly at the Butterfly House, at least while it is flying. The Morpho tends to close its wings when it lands and most people simply do not recognize it while it is standing still. The bottom, called the ventral surface, of the wings are a mottled brown color that helps it to blend into the background. That bright blue color is only seen in flight or on the rare occasion that they are found basking with the wings open. We receive this butterfly from two different countries, Costa Rica and Surinam. The pupae of this butterfly are bright green and resemble small fruits. Visitors always want to photograph this beautiful butterfly, but it is one of the hardest shots that a photographer can try to get at the Butterfly House.

<i>Morpho peleides</i>  <i>Morpho peleides</i>, underside