Our Plant Collection
Plant Collection description

In this collection, you will find many of the plants that are housed in our Conservatory and are visited frequently by our butterflies.  In addition, many of the plants in our outdoor  butterfly gardens are also listed.   

The first item for each plant is its Latin name and this link will take you to additional information about the species.

Antigonon leptopus


Scientific Name: Antigonon leptopus
Common Name: Coral Vine
Native Location: Mexico
Description: Hardy to Zone 8, this evergreen vine can reach a length of 40 feet. It bears small flowers in abundance from mid summer through the winter and the sepals provide the pink color. Coral vine is a very important nectar source at the Butterfly House throughout the winter when not as much nectar is available for our butterflies. This vine is located in the Conservatory and with use of its tendrils, climbs up and on any nearby structure or plant.

<i>Antigonon leptopus</i>