Corporate Council

The Missouri Botanical Garden’s Corporate Council was established in 2008 and is comprised of representatives from the Garden’s Corporate Partner membership group of 100 companies. The Council’s role is to identify new ways in which the Garden and its Corporate Partners can work together to enhance its membership benefits and expand its outreach to new audiences. Council members interact professionally and socially with representatives from many of our community’s leading companies, while also helping the Garden shape its future programs and events.


  • Opportunity for Council members to serve a vital role in delivering the Garden’s mission to the St. Louis region and abroad
  • Access to various networking opportunities while attending three annual meetings and other events at the Garden to learn about plant science, sustainability, and other issues that impact visitor attractions in the St. Louis region
  • Participate in the benefits afforded to the Corporate Partners Program members such as admission passes, special event and exhibit premieres, Corporate Partners Days, and invitations to special evening events
  • Recognition in the Garden’s publications


There will be three Council meetings per year and at least one special event for the group. Participation on a subcommittee will require three or four additional meeting time commitments per year.

Council Objectives

  • Raise awareness about the horticulture, research, conservation, and education programs of the Missouri Botanical Garden among the corporate community
  • Identify new ways in which the Garden and Corporate Partners Program members can work together to enhance membership benefits for companies and their employees as well as to expand outreach to new audiences 
  • Identify news ways in which the Garden’s expertise can assist Corporate Partners in advancing their goals in horticulture, sustainability, biodiversity, and related topics
  • Provide input to Garden staff on the development of effective materials and programming for use with potential Corporate Partner prospects
  • Increase financial support to the Garden by soliciting companies to join the Corporate Partners Program as well as to provide event sponsorships and other special gifts

Council Committees

Corporate Outreach Committee

Purpose: To support and engage in the recruitment of corporate members by developing and implementing strategies in coordination with the Council chair and Garden staff, expanding the Garden’s relationship with the corporate community.

Council Engagement Committee

Purpose: To enhance meeting content, develop and expand networking opportunities, and provide ongoing communication forums for the Corporate Council in coordination with the Council chair and Garden staff.

Corporate Sustainability Initiatives Committee

Purpose: To disseminate information about the Garden’s sustainability programs and resources to the corporate community, and to share insight on development and implementation of sustainability initiatives in the corporate community from workplace and external constituency perspectives.

Representative Requirements

Council members are asked to:

  • serve a two-year term with the opportunity to continue in subsequent terms;
  • attend Council meetings with active participation to enhance corporate understanding of the Garden’s work;
  • increase corporate involvement in the Garden’s events, volunteer program, and fundraising efforts;
  • offer guidance on key issues such s membership, outreach, employee involvement, growth areas, national outreach, and special exhibits;
  • and become a personal member of the Garden, maintaining active membership.
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