Internship Positions

Education internships are offered year round. Some of the exciting things our interns do are: 1. Provide structured presentations to students and informal learning opportunities utilizing live insects. 2. Help with outreach programs for groups throughout the metropolitan St. Louis area . 3. Staff the instructional cart, a hands-on area, where guests can touch bio facts. Interns will teach very diverse audiences and see how a variety of concepts can be worked into a single lesson plan. Projects may include assisting in the creation of new programming or presentations. Interns will have direct interaction with the public on a regular basis. This internship requires experience either in education, public presentations, or class work in a biological field.
Volunteer and Visitor Services

Guest and Volunteer Services InternThe Guest and Volunteer Services internship will provide plenty of practical experience in working in the tourist industry and managing a diverse group of volunteers. Interns will assist the Guest Services Coordinator with greeting and assisting guests, meeting group sales and education classes, maintenance of the facility, and answering questions from guests about all aspects of the Butterfly House. Interns will be actively involved in recruitment and training of new volunteers, volunteer scheduling, and supervision of our volunteers.

Applicants should have excellent communication skills, an enthusiastic demeanor, and a willingness to get involved. Requirements are an interest in working with people, coursework in communications, public relations, and/or management, and the ability to work on some weekends. Human Resource issues will be covered as they relate to volunteers. ADA issues that relate to volunteers and customer needs will be addressed as well.

Horticulture Intern The Horticulture internship provides practical, hands-on work experience in a unique garden setting. Interns will assist the horticulture staff and volunteers in maintaining the tropical Conservatory garden, Native Habitat, prairie garden, annual garden, and grounds. Duties may include planting, pruning, watering, and pest management. Interns will have direct contact with visitors and be responsible for answering general questions about the Butterfly House including questions about the plant collection and general butterfly questions. The internship requires an interest in horticulture and coursework in botany, horticulture, or a related disciple.


The entomology internship involves hands on work with all non-venomous invertebrates and other animals at the Butterfly House.  Interns will help maintain the collection and help process shipments.  This will include feeding, tank cleaning and when needed tank set-up. Weekend and summer interns will be required to spend time in the classroom for hands on demonstrations with education animals after completing animal handling training. 

BH_Intern Ento

Interns will be responsible for following all USDA/APHIS requirements and animal record guidelines.  Interns will have direct interaction with the public and should be capable of answering questions about the butterflies and animals at the Butterfly House.  They must also be willing to help educate the public about animals and their interactions with the natural world.

Special Events

Qualified candidates will possess a professional, service-oriented attitude, enthusiastically performing a wide variety of tasks, including: client interaction, project preparation and staffing during both business hours and after-hours events. A special events intern is energetic, flexible, punctual and dependable.

Primary responsibilities include: providing efficient special events support, assisting special events staff with weddings and receptions, maintaining client correspondence and performing clerical work. 

A special events intern must be able to work Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays including evenings (as late as 10 p.m.). Ideal candidates must have the ability to perform physically demanding tasks in all weather conditions. We do not accept Communications or Marketing majors for this position.

Project Pollinator

BH_Intern PP

This internship provides practical, hands-on work experience in designing native habitats for pollinators and educating visitors about pollinators and how we can support them in our landscapes. Interns will assist the Education and Horticulture staff in maintaining native gardens both at the Butterfly House and at community sites where the Butterfly House has worked.

In addition, there will be many opportunities for interacting with the public in our Native Habitat garden and teaching them about pollinators. Interns will teach both adults and children and will also have the chance to help design signs or other education materials. Interns will have direct contact with visitors and be responsible for answering general questions about the Butterfly House including questions about the plant collection and general butterfly questions. Internship requires an interest in education, horticulture, environmental science, or a related biological field, and the ability to work under hot conditions.