Our Butterfly Collection
Butterfly collection description

On these pages you will find many of the butterflies that we import for our Conservatory as well as a number of the butterflies that are local to our area and inhabit our outdoor butterfly gardens. 

The first item for each butterfly is its Latin name and this link will take you to additional information about the species. 

Siproeta stelenes

Common Name: Malachite

Native Location: Florida south through Central America

Neptis hylas

Common Name: Common Sailor

Native Location: Southeast Asia

Drayadula phaetusa

Common Name: Orange Barred Tiger

Native Location: Costa Rica, Surinam

Troides rhadamantus

Common Name: Golden Birdwing

Native Location: Philippine Islands

Caligo memnon

Common Name: Owl Butterfly

Native Location: Costa Rica and Surinam

Euploea modesta

Common Name: Common Crow

Native Location: Southeast Asia

Heliconius sapho

Common Name: Sapho Longwing

Native Location: Costa Rica

Heliconius erato reductimaculata

Common Name: Small Postman

Native Location: Ecuador

Caligo eurilochus

Common Name: Forest Giant Owl

Native Location: Costa Rica

Hebomoia glaucippe

Common Name: Great Orange Tip

Native Location: Southeast Asia

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