Our Butterfly Collection
Butterfly collection description

On these pages you will find many of the butterflies that we import for our Conservatory as well as a number of the butterflies that are local to our area and inhabit our outdoor butterfly gardens. 

The first item for each butterfly is its Latin name and this link will take you to additional information about the species. 

Biblis hyperia


Scientific Name: Biblis hyperia
Common Name: Red Rim
Native Location: Central America
Host Plant: Tragia volubilis
Description: This precocious little butterfly has a tendency to land right on the edge of the path and sun itself. One of the few butterflies with red on it, it poses quite nicely for photos and appreciative guests. It is quick to alarm though and sudden movements will cause it to dash back under the cover of the plants.

<i>Biblis hyperia</i>  <i>Biblis hyperia</i> - underside