Outreach Programs

Our 60 minute outreach programs are designed to meet the specific needs of your groups and can be tailored for students of all ages.

Learn about fees and scheduling and additional outreach options including science nights, speakers for adult groups and teacher professional development.



Grades PreK–1
Children learn about ladybugs and their structure, life cycle, behavior, and foods they eat. Discover how these fascinating insects help us and protect our crops.

Ant Homes Under the Ground
Grades PreK–1
Introduce young children to ant behavior using role-play and cooperative exercises. (Note: Live ants are not a part of this unit.)

Hide a Butterfly
Grades PreK–1
Learn to identify parts of a flower, create a nature-scene mural and learn about camouflage of butterflies.

Buzzing a Hive
Grades 1–3
Explore the complex social behavior, communication and hive environment of the honeybee. (Note: Live bees are not a part of this unit.)

Anansi: The Original Spider Man
Grades K–5
Explore spider behaviors and adaptations through the tales of Anansi the Spider, an African folk character. These tales lead to learning about real spiders.

The World According to Insects
Grades K–6
Learn how insects are unique—from the tip of their antennae to the scales on their wings. This class includes the widest variety we offer of living insects and their relatives.

  Butterfly Biology
Grades K–6
Metamorphosis, anatomy, and butterfly behaviors are discussed with hands-on demonstrations. Preserved specimens of caterpillars, chrysalids, and butterfly wings are provided for students to examine.

A-MAZE-ing Cockroaches
Grades K–6
Can cockroaches learn or will they stay lost? Replicate a famous study by prominent zoologist Charles Henry Turner. Students will work in teams to build a maze and run living cockroaches through them.

A-maze-ing Cockroaches

What the World Eats
Grades 8–12
Explore actual insect foods from around the world through artifacts, pictures and a PowerPoint. A cooking demonstration of actual crickets can be included for an additional $25.


Fees and Scheduling

Brownie views invertebrateFees
All programs are 1 hour long and cost $150 for the first program and $50 for each additional program scheduled for the same day. 

A maximum of three 1-hour programs can be scheduled on each day. If more than one program is offered on the same day, a minimum 10-minute break is required between programs. 

Outreach sites located more than 20 miles from the Butterfly House will be asked to pay an additional fee of $1/mile over 20 miles. 

Student participation is limited to 35 per program. Teachers/staff are required to stay in the room during the presentation.

Prior to scheduling, please check your school calendar and be aware of special programs, testing days, holidays and fire/tornado drills that may conflict with scheduling an Outreach program.

Classes are offered Monday through Friday. Special arrangements may be made if other days are preferred.

Schedule an outreach program.

After you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail. Please read and return a copy to the Education Programs Manager with proper payment as noted on the confirmation letter no later than one week prior to the scheduled program date.


Additional Outreach Programs

Additional outreach programs are available upon request. Options range from information and activity tables for science fairs to custom classroom presentations covering specific topics that fit your curriculum. Pricing may vary. Contact the Education Programs Manager at (636) 530-0076 x 13 for information.

Science Nights

  • All the Better to be Here With
    Use different tools and toys to understand the adaptations insects have for existing in the world.

Information Outreach Tables
Amaze and delight your guests through hands-on experiences with millipedes and cockroaches, as we provide information about the Butterfly House and its offerings.

Speakers for Adult Groups
Topics include:

  • Butterfly Gardening
    Discuss how gardens can attract these beautiful animals, utilizing both host and nectar sources.
  • Butterflies—Getting to Know You
    We present a slide show to introduce some of the typical inhabitants of our Tropical Conservatory and native species of the Midwest.
  • The Butterfly House—A Brief History
    Hear about the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House from conception to what the future holds.

Professional Development Workshops
Professional development is available for preschool or elementary teachers. Various rates apply. Call the Education Programs Manager at (636) 530-0076 x 13 for more information.


Project Pollinator


Project Pollinator offers outreach designed to help you create a pollinator garden in your schoolyard! Learn more


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