I volunteer at the Garden because...

"I want to make a difference to young people and their appreciation of the environment."
Nancy, 10-year volunteer

"It's a worthwhile use of my free time, and fun besides!"
Jean, 4-year volunteer

"The Garden gives back so much to the community and world that I am privileged to be part of it."
Bob, 7-year volunteer

"I get a great deal of satisfaction giving some of my time and labor to my community, so others can enjoy the wonders and beauty of beautiful plants, flowers and butterflies."
Robin, 3-year voluteer

"I love the natural world and I especially enjoy sharing it with children. Also, over the years I've learned to know and really care for the people on the staff."
Marilyn, 11-year volunteer

"Of the tremendous satisfaction it generates and the many marvelous friends I meet."
Charlie, 8-year volunteer