wedding procession 

We are happy to welcome you as a guest for an upcoming wedding ceremony at the Missouri Botanical Garden. The information below will help ensure an enjoyable day for everyone.


A greeter will meet guests in front of the Jack C. Taylor Visitor Center at 4344 Shaw Blvd and provide directions to the wedding site. Wedding guests do not need a ticket to enter the Garden. Please arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to the ceremony and park and walk to the site.

Ceremony sites are located across the Garden and all require a 10- to 20-minute walk so please wear comfortable shoes. Allow extra time if you require assistance. Wheel chairs are available on a first-come basis at the Garden's ticket counter. 

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Policies and Etiquette

The Environment

  • Stay on pathways and mowed lawn areas. Do not walk or pose for photos in mulched or planted garden beds.
  • Please leave flowers and plants for everyone to enjoy. Do not collect or remove seeds, flowers, fruits and vegetables, plant labels, etc.
  • We care about the environment. Please dispose of all waste in recycle bins when appropriate. Do not litter.
  • Picnicking is not allowed anywhere on Garden property. Please no outside food, picnics, coolers, grills, or open flames.
  • While the Garden encourages the use of refillable water containers, we do understand that on extremely hot days wedding parties may want to bring a small quantity of bottled water to the ceremony site for guests.  If you do so, please collect all empty bottles and dispose of them in the recycling stations in the Jack C. Taylor Visitor Center. Refillable Garden logo water bottles for your guests are available for purchase in the Garden Gate Shop and the Sassafras Café and are refillable at our bottle filling stations.  Absolutely no alcohol may be brought into the Garden.
  • The Garden is naturally beautiful.  We discourage bringing additional décor. Nothing may be attached (taped, tacked, glued, hung, nailed, stapled) to any surface including trees or shrubs at the Garden.
  • Awnings, gazebos, archways and related structures are not allowed on the grounds unless organized solely through Catering St. Louis.  Aisle runners are discouraged since they may not be affixed to the ground presenting a trip hazard and are unappealing when laid down on grass or cement.
  • Nothing may be stuck into the ground or turf in any area and no additional signage is allowed.
  • Balloons of any kind, flower petals, rice, birdseed, streamers or confetti may not be brought into or distributed at the Garden
  • No benches or other garden items including planters or hanging pots may be moved for any reason including photography.
  • No animals or pets allowed. Assistance animals are welcome at the Garden and guidelines for visiting with assistance animals are available on our website

Alcohol and Smoking

  • No alcohol may be brought into the garden or consumed in our parking lots, buildings including in changing rooms or on our grounds.
  • The Garden is a nicotine-free environment. Cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, chewable tobacco and similar products are not allowed on Garden property including all grounds, buildings, restrooms, and parking areas.
  • Anyone not in compliance with these policies will be asked to leave the premises.

Parking, Transportation

  • The two parking lots in front of the Jack C. Taylor Visitor Center are free and open to the public and private events on a first come basis. Additional lots are located one block to the west on Shaw Blvd.  We are unable to reserve parking for private events.
  • Vehicles should remain on the parking lot or street and may not drive on Garden access roads, paths or sidewalks.
  • Wheel chairs are available on a first come basis at our ticket counter. Both require a driver's license and scooter rentals require a contract, a $25 fee and a $25 deposit. Scooters not returned by 4:45pm forfeit the deposit.
  • Catering St. Louis can arrange a golf cart rental to transport a small number of attendees to the ceremony location.  The public trams have a predetermined set of stops and are not available to wedding party guests.
  • Garden staff are not allowed to transport anyone or any items for wedding parties.  Keep this in mind when planning any additional décor or hiring musicians and photographers.
  • Garden staff is not able to receive deliveries for weddings.  Arrangements should be made with Catering St. Louis for deliveries that must be made in advance of a ceremony or reception.  Storage space is extremely limited and not guaranteed to be secure.


  • Wedding and bridal parties must abide by the rules and guidelines outlined in the Wedding and Bridal Photo Policy available at   Other visitors must have the right to enjoy the Garden without being impeded by photographers.
  • If asked by another person not to take pictures of that person or others accompanying that person, the request must be honored to protect personal rights of privacy. If a picture has already been taken, it must be deleted upon request.
  • Do not block pathways or access for other visitors. No garden area or building is closed to visitors and no one may be blocked from accessing any area.
  • Benches, pots and signage can’t be moved to accommodate photography

Attire and Clothing Changes

  • Shirts and shoes are required at all times.  Clothing with offensive words or images are not permitted.
  • Clothing changes (including those for photography shoots) are not permitted inside or outdoors including in bathrooms. To inquire about changing room rental, contact Catering St. Louis for availability and pricing.  

Personal Safety

  • Do not feed or handle the wildlife. It can be harmful to them - and you.
  • Do not wade or swim in ponds, streams or fountains.
  • Please keep your personal items with you at all times. The Garden cannot be held responsible for missing items.  If you find a lost item, please turn it in to the ticket counter [(314) 577-0212].
  • For their safety, please supervise children at all times. No climbing, running, sports, or games.  Two-wheeled scooters, “wheelie” shoes, skates or skateboards are not allowed.
  • No open flames are allowed in the Garden.  A ceremonial candle may be used during the vows but must be in an enclosed container.
  • No fireworks including sparklers are allowed.
  • No firearms.