Workshops and presentations at the 2010 Green Homes Festival (held on September 25, 2010) were $5 for a single session, or $10 unlimited.  All workshops were held at Cardinal Ritter High School at the west end of Grandel Square on N. Spring Avenue.


Workshop Schedule

Workshop titles link to descriptions and bios.

Themes Energy Efficiency & Green Building Renewable Energy Green Living & Family Friendly
11 a.m. Make Green Make Cents in Your Home!
Jay Swoboda, EcoUrban
Solar Savvy Consumers
Jeffrey Owens, Show Me Solar
Eat Safe, Smart, and Cheap: Eat Local and Seasonal
Clara Moore, Local Harvest Cafe and Grocery
Noon Financing Home Energy Improvements
Steve O’Rourke, Microgrid Energy
Beyond the Basics: Intermediate and Advanced Solar Power
Jason Parker, Certified Solar Solutions, LLC
Let’s Talk About Trash: Alternatives for Unwanted Items
Eric Schwarz, Habitat for Humanity St. Louis
Backyard Chickens for Beginners
Jessica Stafos, CoopLa
1 p.m. Green Interior Design: It’s a Beautiful Way to Live
Diane Rosen, Diane Rosen Interiors
Why Solar Thermal? Why Now?
Henry Rentz, Missouri Valley Renewable Energy
Backyard Beekeeping
Robert Sears, Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association
Financing Home Energy Improvements
Steve O’Rourke, Microgrid Energy
2 p.m. Save Money on Your Utility Bills
Rich Krueger, Community Action Agency of St. Louis County, Inc.
Geothermal 101: Is Geothermal Right for You?
Ed Davis, Enertech Manufacturing
Clean Kids Are Green Kids: Taking Control of a Toy-Littered Terrain
P. Richelle White, Herb’n Maid
Sprawlstainable: Green Living in the Suburbs
Mary Deweese, Acorn Landscapes
3 p.m. Home Performance 101: Will My House Pass the Test?
Kellye Markowski, Energy Smart Homes
A Consumer Guide to Investing in Wind Systems
Bob Solger, The Energy Savings Store
Growing A Greener World: The Smart Gardener’s Guide To A Sustainable Landscape
Jennifer Schamber, Greenscape Gardens
Batteries Included: Converting a Gasoline Vehicle to a Plug-in Electric
Jeffery Dale, Gateway Electric Vehicle Club
4 p.m. Tankless Water Heaters
Pat Dodd, Dawson-Dodd Heating & Cooling
Burn Wood, Feel Good
Victor Imgarten, Clean Sweep Chimney
Eating Wild Missouri: Edible Natives and Weeds
Leah Nguyen, Washington University
Home Composting Made Easy
Jill Hamilton, City of St. Louis Refuse Division
5 p.m. Team Missouri Solar Decathlon: A Vision for Missouri Homes
Michael Goldschmidt, University of Missouri
Beyond Coal: Progress Towards Missouri’s Clean Energy Future
Jason Hughes, Renew Missouri
Urban Homesteading Conclave: Share Your Experiences, Bring Your Questions, Meet Others!
Merryl Winstein, Cheese Making Classes in St. Louis


Workshop Descriptions

A Consumer Guide to Investing in Wind Systems
Will a wind turbine work for you? This presentation will explore the factors. We will discuss the state of small wind turbine technology, explore the financial return, and conclude by discussing how investing in a system may work for you.
Bob Solger is the owner and principal of The Energy Savings Store. His company specializes in designing and installing building-integrated solar and wind systems. He is a certified solar and wind installer as well as a licensed contractor.

Backyard Beekeeping
An introduction to the fascinating world of honey bees and beekeeping in the urban landscape.
Bob Sears has been a hobbyist beekeeper since 1993. He maintains hives in the Central West End in St. Louis and in Franklin County. He is President of the Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association.

Backyard Chickens for Beginners
Thinking about getting backyard chickens? Learn the requirements for a new chicken set-up, what to expect in their first year of life, and common mistakes to avoid. Also, discover the difference between breeds of chickens and how to acquire the ideal flock.
Jessica Stafos of CoopLa believed there needed to be an easier way to start a backyard flock in St. Louis. After lots of research and trial-and-error with her own coop, she started a business providing chicken coops and start-up kits. Her goal is to enable others to live more sustainably in an economical fashion without as many headaches.

Batteries Included: Converting a Gasoline Vehicle to a Plug-in Electric
This workshop will cover the basics on how to convert a gasoline powered vehicle to a plug-in electric vehicle, including how to begin and the costs and benefits of electric-powered vehicles.
Jeffery Dale has been a member of the Gateway Electric Vehicle Club for 2+ years and just recently finished converting his 1987 BMW 325i convertible into a plug-in electric car.

Beyond Coal: Progress Toward Missouri's Clean Energy Future
This workshop will cover Renew Missouri's continued efforts to overcome Missouri's addiction to coal, through implementing smart and effective clean energy polices. Participants will learn about Missouri Renewable Electricity Standard (Prop C), PACE, and a other important renewable energy and energy efficiency polices. Learn how YOU can help make the transition to clean energy happen.
Jason Hughes of Renew Missouri worked for two years in Central America for NGOs SIECA and FUNDEACO on environmental projects relating to climate change, conservation, carbon markets, and sustainable development.

Beyond the Basics: Intermediate and Advanced Solar Power
This workshop will delve deeper into the principles and practices of solar technologies. Learn about the importance of a site assessment, the various types of PV technologies, sun tracking considerations, and system design principles and practices.
Jason Parker is managing partner of Certified Solar Solutions, LLC, which has installed enough photovoltaic generation to power approximately 120 homes. As a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, he has two decades of domestic and international electrical system project experience.

Burn Wood, Feel Good
Burning wood for warmth can be satisfying and like keeping a garden it takes a little effort. Today's fireplaces and wood stoves help us keep warm in a cost-effective, safe, and earth-friendly way.
Victor Imgarten is the owner of Clean Sweep Chimney Service and Home Efficiencies Solutions LLC. He is the lead instructor for the Chimney Safety Institute of America and has been in the industry for 30 years.

Clean Kids Are Green Kids: Taking Control of a Toy-Littered Terrain
If your kids' clutter has escaped the playroom and is encroaching on your personal space, it's time to implement Herb'n Maid's "Zone Defense" strategy. In this workshop, parents, and childcare providers learn to map out a place for everything and to teach kids good clean-up habits.
P. Richelle White of Herb'n Maid is a former HGTV writer/producer and a self-professed neat freak. In 2007, she parlayed her passion for home and her compulsion for organizing and launched the city's first eco-luxury cleaning company.

Eat Safe, Smart, and Cheap: Eat Local and Seasonal
This workshop is designed to explain and encourage local eating. Learn where and how to buy locally and seasonally, how to preserve seasonal foods, reasons to buy local foods, and ways to plan your diet around the food available.
Clara Moore of Local Harvest Cafe and Grocery learned about the importance of eating and cooking seasonally and locally at an early age. She has worked in St. Louis restaurants for 14 years and helped open Local Harvest Cafe, where up to 75% of the food is from within 150 miles.

Eating Wild Missouri: Edible Natives and Weeds
Learn to identify, collect, and cook with Missouri native plants and weeds for your enjoyment and health.
Leah is with the Prevention Research Center, Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis.

Financing Home Energy Improvements
Learn about (and make sense of) a variety of utility and government programs and financial incentives that can help make your renewable energy or efficiency project more affordable.
Steve O'Rourke of Microgrid EnergySteve has spent the majority of his 25+ year career consulting with business and non-profit organizations. His long-time passion for efficiency and environmental preservation led him to understand the importance of sustainability in our world.

Geothermal 101: Is Geothermal Right for You?
Geothermal energy taps into the earth's stable temperature, using it as a heat source or sink. This workshop will provide an introduction to using geothermal systems in new homes and explain replacement of equipment in existing homes. Loop field concepts, energy savings with geothermal systems, and information about tax incentives and rebates will also be covered.
Ed is the territory manager for Enertech Manufacturing in eastern Missouri. He has worked in the geothermal industry since 1989 providing project design, installation and training.

Green Interior Design: It's a Beautiful Way to Live
The most important environment is the one you live in! Fabrics, paint and flooring with creative design will be presented to show you how to live beautifully and sustainably.
Diane Rosen of Diane Rosen Interiors has 18+ years experience in developing, creating and bringing ideas to reality through rehab and new construction projects that meet clients' needs and budgets.

Growing A Greener World: The Smart Gardener's Guide To A Sustainable Landscape
Develop a strategy to make your garden a greener place while also making it a healthier and safer place for your family and pets. Key components include: soil management and composting, water management and conservation, and use of native and adaptive plants.
Jennifer Schamber is the general manager of Greenscape Gardens. She currently serves as President Elect of the Landscape & Nursery Association of Greater St. Louis and Vice President of the Horticulture Co-op of Metro St. Louis.

Home Composting Made Easy
About 1/3 of your household waste can be easily recycled by composting your yard and kitchen waste. Learn how to convert this compostable matter into "black gold"—rich, organic material that you can use in your yard, garden, and for houseplants.
Jill Hamilton has worked as the Recycling Program Manager for the City of St. Louis Refuse Division since 2001. She has an M.S. in Environmental Studies from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. She's helping to rebuild Earth's soil resources by composting organics.

Home Performance 101: Will My House Pass the Test?
What is whole house performance? How energy efficient is my home? What is an energy audit and why should I have one? This workshop will answer these questions and provide information on recommendations that might result from an audit, how you can prevent costly mistakes and sort fact from fiction in energy efficient whole house performance.
Kellye Markowski has a BS in teaching and is a BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified Building Analyst and Shell Envelope Specialist. Energy Smart Homes, owned and operated by Kellye, provides comprehensive whole house energy audits, consulting services and consumer education.

Let's Talk About Trash: Alternatives for Unwanted Items
Get your fill of alternatives for discarding unwanted items and learn about local waste diverters, the benefits of pre-cycling, and the ins and outs of waste auditing.
Eric has been working with recyclable and re-purposed materials for the past five years as an artist, educator, and advocate. He is the Sustainability Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity St. Louis.

Make Green Make Cents in Your Home!
A brief overview of low-hanging green technology and the various options for financing energy-efficiency improvements in your home.
Jay Swoboda is the founder and green project manager for EcoUrban, which has been working to create a healthier, more sustainable St. Louis since 2005.

Save Money on Your Utility Bills
Every household has the responsibility to reduce energy waste. Learn simple, easy and inexpensive ways to save energy and money on your utility bills.
Rich Kruegger is the Energy Conservation and Education Outreach Coordinator for CAASTL (Community Action Agency of St. Louis County, Inc.), which works at the community level to assist low-income people out of poverty.

Solar Savvy Consumers
This workshop is designed for property owners contemplating purchasing and installing solar energy thermal and electric systems. The course contains background information consumers should arm themselves with prior to shopping.
Jeffrey Owens currently spends his time between sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico with his wife's family and his family's home in Missouri. Trained as a mathematical physicist, Jeff founded Show Me Solar in 2007 and serves the the organization's executive director.

Sprawlstainable: Green Living in the Suburbs
Are you living in the suburbs in an outdated, energy hog of a house? Find out how families like yours are retrofitting their houses for energy savings and sustainable living—while saving money.
Mary Deweese of Acorn Landscapes and her husband Dan chronicle the journey to make their 1970's suburban home more sustainable, while saving money by cutting energy use by 50% through installing geothermal heating and cooling, growing their own food, and more.

Tankless Water Heaters
What's all the buzz about tankless water heaters? How do they work? How are they installed? How will they save me energy and money? And will they really heat the water for as hot and as long as I want? Attend this workshop to learn everything you always wanted to know about tankless water heaters, but were afraid to ask.
Presented by Pat Dodd of Dawson-Dodd Heating & Cooling. Dawson-Dodd has been installing Navien Tankless Water Heaters for several years with positive results.

Team Missouri Solar Decathlon: A Vision for Missouri Homes
In October 2009, students at the University of Missouri and Missouri Science and Technology teamed up to compete in the Solar Decathlon in Washington, DC. This workshop will review their entry and discuss how these technologies can be used in any Missouri home.
Michael Goldschmidt is a Teaching Assistant Professor and State Housing and Environmental Design State Specialist with the University of Missouri Department of Architectural Studies. He is an architect, interior designer and a LEED Professional through USGBC.

Urban Homesteading Conclave: Share Your Experiences, Bring Your Questions, Meet Others!
Topics may include animal housing and fencing, where to get supplies, how to get started, selling your products, and understanding laws and regulations.
Merryl Winstein has raised dairy goats and chickens in Webster Groves for 19 years and has taught Cheese Making classes for 7 years. She had no experience with animals when she started.

Why Solar Thermal? Why Now?
Want to harness solar energy to create thermal energy (heat)? Attend this workshop to learn why a homeowner should install a solar thermal system instead of a photovoltaic (PV) system.
Henry Rentz of Missouri Valley Renewable Energy has been installing solar in Missouri since 2000 and has installed over 100 solar hot water and heating systems.