Presentations to the People!

Twelve presentations and demos with local experts: fast-paced, 20-minute hands-on tips and tricks to make your life greener and healthier!

Yoga Class

Yoga on the Garden grounds

At Cohen Amphitheater

9–10 a.m. Free, All Levels Yoga Class
Elle Potter, Yoga Rocks the Park St. Louis
Mats are welcome but not required


Green Living Presentations

At Stage 1 (Summer Plant House, northwest end of Kemper Center)

10 a.m. Native Plants: Top 10 Home Garden Performers!
Scott Woodbury, Shaw Nature Reserve of the Missouri Botanical Garden
Vermacomposting speaker engages with audience member at 2013 Festival
11 a.m. Now You're Cooking With Gas: Healthy Grilling With Your Natural Gas Grill
Darren Zesch, L’Ecole Culinaire
noon Backyard Permaculture
Steven Kelley, La Vista CSA Farm
1 p.m. The Amazing Chicken
Maria Jansen, The Easy Chicken
2 p.m. 24-Hour Fridge Pickles
Ryan Barker, Gateway Greening
3 p.m. Bicycle Check and Safety for Daily Commuting
Wilma Schmitz, St. Louis BWorks


Green Homes & Green Energy Presentations

At Stage 2 (Cold Frame Annex, southwest end of Kemper Center)

10:30 a.m. Do You Know Your Home's IAQ?
Diane Rosen, Diane Rosen Interiors LLC
Home energy efficiency speakers
11:30 a.m. How You Can Sustainably Invest
Jake Barnett, Morgan Stanley
12:30 p.m. Lessons Learned from Building 30 Green Homes
Brent Crittenden, UIC
1:30 p.m. Solar Makes Sense
Mike Hornitschek, StraightUp Solar
2:30 p.m. Easy Ways to Be Energy Efficient
Nicholas Frisella, Metro Lighting
3:30 p.m. Eco-Friendly Upcycling
Jenny Murphy, Perennial


Presentation Descriptions

The Amazing Chicken
Chickens are productive, entertaining and ecological creatures. Come meet one, learn the benefits of keeping a few in your backyard, and see how easy it is to make them a part of your life in a way that respects the land and the animal!
—Maria Jansen, The Easy Chicken 

Backyard Permaculture
Permaculture explains how symbiosis happens between plants and the environment, plants and plants and people and plants.Learn ways to implement basic permaculture principles into your own backyard, including how to feed your soil, preserve water and attract pollinators.
—Steven Kelley, La Vista CSA Farm 

Bicycle Check and Safety for Daily Commuting
St Louis Bicycle Works will demonstrate maintenance steps to be performed for daily bicycle commuting, as well as discuss safety considerations, to keep your human powered commute safe and consistent.
—Wilma Schmitz, St. Louis BWorks

Do You Know Your Home's IAQ?
Improve your home's indoor air quality! Discuss recycled, non toxic, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free fabrics, flooring, paint and other materials available today to use in your home.
—Diane Rosen, Diane Rosen Interiors LLC 

Easy Ways to Be Energy Efficient
Learn about easy and affordable ways to make your home more energy efficient. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make a big difference and you will see an immediate savings on your utility bill!
—Nicholas Frisella, Metro Lighting 

Eco-Friendly Upcycling
A soda can, a t-shirt, or even an old book can be materials to create new and beautiful items for your home. Discover new ways to look at items you might normally throw away. Tap into your creative side during this presentation covering upcycling basics, project inspiration, and the most sustainable materials and methods to do the job.
—Jenny Murphy, Perennial 

How You Can Sustainably Invest
Attend this presentation and walk away with a better understanding of what sustainable investing means, why sustainable investment strategies should be implemented and what kinds of questions you can ask when considering what sustainable investing might look like for you.
—Jake Barnett, Morgan Stanley 

Lessons Learned from Building 30 Green Homes
Learn from the real world experience of building 30 new and renovated green homes in the Botanical Grove project in the Botanical Heights neighborhood. This case study will cover the successes and challenges and provide tips for implementing green building practices in your own home.
—Brent Crittenden, UIC 

Native Plants: Top 10 Home Garden Performers!
Learn about the value of native plants for your home landscape. This lively pass-around show-and-tell will feature Top 10 plant picks guaranteed to get these habitat heroes out of their pots and into your home landscape!
—Scott Woodbury, Shaw Nature Reserve of the Missouri Botanical Garden 

Now You're Cooking With Gas: Healthy Grilling With Your Natural Gas Grill
Join us for a healthy grilling demonstration utilizing outdoor natural gas grills!
—Darren Zesch, L’Ecole Culinaire 

Solar Makes Sense
Learn about the benefits of a solar electric (PV) system for your home and about emerging solar technology that provides powering capabilities when the grid goes down. We will also introduce you to the added financial benefits of combining solar PV and electrical vehicle charging so that you can drive for just 2 cents per mile!
—Mike Hornitschek, StraightUp Solar 

24-Hour Fridge Pickles
Summer gardens produce an abundance of okra, cucumber, zucchini, beans and more—sometimes more than can be eaten fresh or given away. Learn the skill of pickling produce that can be eaten in 24 hours. Some jars, a sturdy cooking pot, a fridge and a few simple spices are all that are needed to produce delicious pickles.
—Ryan Barker, Gateway Greening