Presentations to the People!

Twelve free presentations and demos with local experts: fast-paced, 20-minute useful tips and tricks to make your life greener and healthier! Full Presentations and Demos Schedule, including descriptions, available at the Welcome Tent, Butterfly House front porch and both Presentation areas.

Thank you to our Presentations and Demos Sponsor Laclede Gas Company.

Green Homes & Green Energy Presentations

At Stage 1 (Theatre, indoors)

10 a.m. Home Green Home
Tim Montgomery, TMA Architects
Home energy efficiency speakers
11 a.m. How to “Talk Green” with Your Builder or Remodeler
Marla Esser, HomeNav
noon The Numbers Don’t Lie: High Performance Homes on a Budget
Kim Hibbs, Hibbs Homes LLC &
Matt Belcher, Verdatek Solutions
1 p.m. Learn the Basics of Sustainable Investing!
Jake Barnett, Morgan Stanley
2 p.m. Easy Ways to Be Energy Efficient
Nicholas Frisella, Metro Lighting
3 p.m. Solar Technology for a Sustainable Future
Paul McKnight, EFS Energy

At Stage 2 (Monsanto Pavilion, outdoors Native Garden of the Butterfly House)

10:30 a.m. Rainscaping & Native Plant Gardening
Jennifer Schamber, Greenscape Gardens
Vermacomposting speaker engages with audience member at 2013 Festival
11:30 a.m. Now You're Cooking With Gas: Healthy Grilling With Your Natural Gas Grill
Chef Tim Montgomery, Stone Soup Cottage (Courtesy of Laclede Gas)
12:30 p.m. Backyard Beekeeping
John Pashia, Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association
1:30 p.m. The Good Bug Garden
Lisa Williams, Butterfly House
2:30 p.m. Introduction to Vermiculture
Crystal & Eric Stevens, La Vista CSA
3:30 p.m. Chickens Out Back!
Maria Jansen, The Easy Chicken


Presentation Descriptions

Backyard Beekeeping
Interested in harvesting your own honey, increasing pollination in your garden, and enhancing our ecosystem? Attend this basic overview of what it takes to get started in beekeeping.
—John Pashia, EMBA

Chickens Out Back!
Are you considering embarking on a backyard chicken adventure? Learn about the benefits and basics of keeping a small backyard flock, and things to consider before taking the plunge.
—Maria Jansen, The Easy Chicken

Easy Ways To Be Energy Efficient At Home
This presentation will provide attendees with easy and inexpensive ways to make there home more energy efficient, focusing on lighting, heating & cooling, appliances, devices, ENERGY STAR, and Ameren rebates.
—Nick Frisella, Metro Lighting

The Good Bug Garden 
While some insects can be harmful to our garden plants, most are not and many are beneficial. Learn to know the difference and how to attract more of the beneficial ones to your garden.
—Lisa Williams, The Butterfly House

Home Green Home
Learn about the basics of green design and and more in this discussion on green building, Net Zero, Off Grid, and Passive House design, including case studies of local homes.
—Tim Montgomery, TMA Architects

How to "Talk Green" with Your Builder or Remodeler
You know building or remodeling green matters, yet you wonder if you are getting across to your builder and/or architect what is really important to you. Learn tips on how to use the language of benefits to communicate your top priorities to your project team.
—Marla Esser, HomeNav

Introduction to Vermiculture
Have you always wondered how to create “black gold” to nourish your garden or houseplants? This presentation will help you get started on a path to turn your food waste into compost with the help of some little red wiggler worms!
—Crystal & Eric Stevens, La Vista CSA

Learn the Basics of Sustainable Investing!
Sustainable investing is a rapidly expanding field, driven largely by many investors' concern for the environment and by the growing evidence that sustainable strategies can have a positive influence on an investment portfolio's performance. Learn more about what sustainable investing looks like in the world today.
—Jake Barnett, Morgan Stanley

Now You're Cooking with Gas: Healthy Grilling with Your Natural Gas Grill
Join us for a healthy grilling demonstration utilizing outdoor natural gas grills. Chef Tim Montgomery will be grilling an intriguing  array of locally grown vegetables. Samples available! Presented by Laclede Gas.
—Chef Tim Montgomery, Stone Soup Cottage

The Numbers Don't Lie: High Performance Homes on a Budget
Too many people think it costs too much to build or renovate green. But you can build or renovate a high performing home on any budget!
—Kim Hibbs, Hibbs Homes LLC & Matt Belcher, Verdatek Solutions

Rainscaping & Native Plant Gardening
Learn about rain gardening, water conservation, how to choose the best plants for your landscape, and what “pollinator palette” of native plants will attract bees, butterflies and more to your garden!
—Jennifer Schamber, Greenscape Gardens

Solar Technology for a Sustainable Future
Looking for ways to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future for yourself and our planet? Want to save money on energy bills and be energy independent? Attend this presentation to learn how you can integrate solar technology into your home’s energy systems.
—Paul McKnight, EFS Energy