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How do I mulch my strawberries for winter?

Winter freezing and thawing can raise strawberry plants out of the ground damaging their roots. To prevent this, strawberries should me mulched for the winter.

Apply mulch when the temperature has dropped to 20 degrees or slightly lower for several days. Do not apply too early. This will usually not be until late November. Applied too early the mulch can retard winter hardening of the plants. Use three to four inches of wheat straw or hay or other non-packing materials applied over the row. Do not use sawdust or leaves as these can pack and smoother the plants. Watering the mulch after applying will help to settle the mulch and reduce loss from wind.

In the spring when new leaves begin to develop, usually mid-April, the mulch should be pulled back into the paths between the rows. Use the mulch to recover the plants again if late frosts threaten to damage the blooms.