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Which grape varieties are good for this area?

Nurseries offer a number of grape varieties providing a choice of fruit color, flavor, ripening times and culinary uses. The varieties in this message are some of the more productive, most popular varieties for Missouri. Listed are table grapes with seeds, table grapes without seeds and French hybrid grapes for wine. Most seedless varieties listed will have their primary fruit buds killed at temperatures below O degrees Fahrenheit and will experience vine damage at temperatures below -15 degrees.

Table grapes with seeds

Buffalo is an early, blue-black grape with excellent quality and hardiness.

Concord is a late mid-season bearer. It produces large blue grapes which are excellent for the table, juice, jelly and wine.

Niagara produces golden colored fruit in mid-season. It is hardy and is excellent for table use, juice and wine making.

Stueben is a late reddish, blue-black grape with medium to large berries borne in large bunches. It is very sweet and has a spicy flavor.

French hybrid grapes for wine

De Chaunac is a mid-season hybrid with small, blue-black fruit. It is perhaps the best of the red hybrids for home wine making.

Vidal Blanc produces small, golden fruit with a characteristic "freckle spot". It ripens late but is productive and vigorous.

Villard Blanc is a mid to late season hybrid with large golden berries in large bunches. It can also be used as a table grape.

Seedless grapes

Canadice produces small, pinkish berries in tight clusters. It has excellent quality. Vines have medium vigor. It is one of the hardiest seedless varieties.

Glenora has small, black berries of firm, very sweet flesh. Vines have medium vigor.

Reliance is a new seedless variety from Arkansas. It is perhaps the most hardy of the seedless varieties. It produces medium sized, pink fruit. It is disease resistant.