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Which strawberry varieties are good for this area?

The strawberry is undoubtedly the fruit with which the home gardener is likely to have the greatest success and most satisfaction. Strawberries are well adapted to our climate and require only a minimum of care and culture.

Spring-fruited varieties are recommended over everbearing varieties. Everbearing strawberries generally suffer each year from the heat and drought in Missouri unless they are grown under special conditions and given intensive care.

The following spring-fruited varieties perform well in Missouri for the home gardener. Earliglow is an early season variety which shows resistance to leaf and root diseases. This variety produces dark red berries that are medium to large, firm and sweet, and good for freezing.

Surecrop and Redchief ripen in mid-season. Redchief is disease resistant, produces runners freely and the fruit is excellent for freezing. Berries are medium to large, dark colored, sweet and of exceptional quality. Surecrop is one of the most productive, vigorous and disease resistant varieties available. Berries are large, light colored, tart and fair quality.

Allstar ripens in late mid-season. This variety is resistant to root diseases. Berries are large, medium red, firm, and excellent for freezing.

While everbearing varieties are a poor substitute for spring-fruited varieties, two varieties are suggested for trial. Ogallala has been one of the better everbearing varieties under most Missouri conditions. Berries are medium sized, dark colored, and sweet with an average quality flavor.

Ozark Beauty has been extremely variable in its performance in Missouri. Berries are medium sized, light colored, sweet, and average quality.