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Where can I get a foliar nutrient test done?

Diagnosing a suspected nutrient deficiency in a plant can often be challenging as the symptoms may mimic many other causes. And, in some cases, the nutrients may be present in the soil but the plant is not able to take up or utilize the nutrients. Sometimes plant foliar nutrient testing can be helpful to identify a problem.

Before tissue testing is done information needs to be available on what the proper level of nutrients should be in the plant. In some crops this can vary for different stages of development but if the values are known a lab can test your plant sample. The levels are known for many common agricultural crops but may be lacking for other garden plants.

A lab in the St. Louis area that can perform foliar nutrient testing is SGS Alvey Laboratory, Inc. in Belleville, Illinois. Click for their Plant Tissue Analysis information.   Call or email for prices.

S.G.S. Alvey Laboratory
1511 Main Street
Belleville, IL 62221
(618) 233-0445