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What are clover mites?

The clover mite is a reddish-brown mite about the size of a pinhead. Frequently they are seen outdoors crawling in the lawn or on foundation walls. They also crawl under doors or through cracks so can be found in the home. They are not harmful to man but may be an annoyance. Neither do they feed on furniture or pantry supplies.

Clover mites indoors can be vacuumed up being careful not to crush them on surfaces where they can leave a red streak. Common ready-to-use pesticides labeled for indoor use are effective. Follow label directions carefully.

Since clover mites travel through grass, keeping a grass-free strip around your foundation can help reduce invasions. Pesticides that have a residual effect can be used in this strip. Also keep this area weed free. Large shrubs can be safely grown in this area as well as flowers that don't attract clover mites, such as, zinnia, marigolds, chrysanthemum and roses.