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Chemical Action and Usages: Wilt-Pruf is a natural product derived from the resin of the pine tree. Since it makes no pesticide claims, it does not require registration with the EPA. It is an anti-desiccant which means it acts as a protective coating of the leaf or needle of the plant, substantially reducing water loss during high periods of stress. Wilt-Pruf spray dries to form a clear, colorless, flexible glossy film without interfering with plant growth or materially affecting respiration, osmosis, or photosynthesis. It can be used under hot summer conditions and in cold weather conditions. Anti-desiccants are most often used to protect broadleaf evergreens from winter desiccation. In the wintertime, evergreens are often stimulated into loosing moisture from their leaves by drying winds and/or mild sunny days. If the ground is frozen, the plant cannot replace the moisture transpired (lost) from the leaves, eventually leading to severe damage to the leaves/needles or death to the plant. An anti-desiccant will help retain the moisture in the leaf/needle for up to 4 months in the winter and 2 months in the summer. It may also be used to protect the loss of moisture from evergreen bows, wreaths and Christmas trees during the holiday season. Wilt-Pruf is available in concentrate and RTU formulations.

Cautions/Instructions: Read the label carefully and apply the product according to the directions on the label. This product is sticky so avoid over spraying on cars, windows etc.

Toxicity: This product is organic, biodegradable, non-hazardous and is non-toxic to eyes and skin.