Pesticide Classification
__ Herbicide __ Fungicide
_X Insecticide/Miticide
__ Molluscicide __ Repellent
Properties Properties Properties
__ Selective
__ Non-selective

__ Pre-emergent
__ Post-emergent

__ Systemic
__ Contact
__ Broad Spectrum
__ Specific

__ Systemic
__ Non-systemic

__ Protectant
__ Eradicant
_X Synthetic
__ Biological
__ Oil
__ Soap
__ Botanical
__ Other
_X Broad-spectrum
__ Specific

__ Systemic
_X Non-systemic

_X Contact poison
_X Stomach poison
__ Other

Common Brand Names:

Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer for Gardens RTU
Ferti-lome Liquid Carbaryl Garden Spray
Garden Tech Sevin (Concentrate, RTU & RTS)
Garden Tech Sevin (Concentrate, RTU & RTS)
Garden Tech Sevin 5% Garden Dust
Hi Yield Garden Dust

Chemical Action and Usages: Carbaryl is a general use carbamate insecticide for outdoor use only. It is available as a wettable powder, liquid concentrate, dust, granules or RTU product. It controls a broad range of insects on certain fruits/berries/nuts (e.g. certain beetles, lace bugs, leafhopper, thrips), on certain ornamental flowers, trees and shrubs (Japanese beetle, psyllids, scale, tent caterpillar, bagworm), on lawns (chiggers, cutworms, armyworms, sow bugs, ants, ticks). Carbaryl works both as a stomach poison (insects ingest material) and by contact (insect is directly hit by the spray or crawls over the treated foliage). Attacks insect’s nervous systems.

Cautions/Instructions: Read the label carefully of the brand and formulation you have selected. Apply the product according to the instructions on the label. Avoid using product in windy conditions and do not apply to bodies of water and watch for runoff or drift into the same. Do not spray when bees are present or active. Keep children and pets out of sprayed area until product dries.

Toxicity: Toxic to humans (ingestion, skin, eyes and inhalation). Very toxic to bees, lady beetles, parasitic wasps and many other beneficial insects. Very toxic to aquatic invertebrates and shell fish.