Pesticide Classification
_X Herbicide __ Fungicide
__ Bactericide
__ Insecticide/Miticide
__ Molluscicide __ Repellent
Properties Properties Properties
__ Selective
_X Non-selective

_X Pre-emergent
__ Post-emergent

__ Systemic
_X Contact
__ Broad Spectrum
__ Specific

__ Systemic
__ Non-systemic

__ Protectant
__ Eradicant
__ Synthetic
__ Biological
__ Oil
__ Soap
__ Botanical
__ Other
__ Broad-spectrum
__ Specific

__ Systemic
__ Non-systemic

__ Contact poison
__ Stomach poison
__ Other

Common Brand Names:

Bradfield Organics® Luscious Lawn Corn Gluten (9-0-0)
Concern Weed Preventer Plus (8-2-4)
Concern Weed Preventer Plus 0% Phosphate (8-0-8)
Espoma Organic Weed Preventer plus Lawn Food (9-0-0)
Preen Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer (10-0-0)
WOW® (without weeds) Pre-emerge Weed Control (9-0-0)

Chemical Action and Usages: Corn gluten meal is a powdery or granulated by-product of the wet milling process of corn, and works as a natural rather than chemical based pre-emergence herbicide. It was discovered at Iowa State University that corn gluten meal had this potential and the first patent for such a use was issued in 1991. It works by inhibiting the root formation of germinating plants and must be applied before the germination of the weed. The weed will germinate and form a shoot, but the corn gluten meal will keep roots from forming and the seedling will die. Corn gluten meal is also naturally about 10% nitrogen by weight. It is non-selective; therefore it will kill any germinating seed, even those that may be desirable to you. Corn gluten meal has a 4-6 week residual. Different brands make varying claims as to the limitations and effectiveness of their product.

Cautions/Instructions: Read the label carefully of the brand and formulation you have selected. Apply the product according to the directions on the label. Do not use this product when seeding a new lawn or reseeding an existing one. In gardens, only use in and around plants with an established root system. Consistent rain or irrigation after the application of the product and germination of the target weed may reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Toxicity: When used as directed, these products are not considered harmful to beneficial insects, soil organisms or to pond or stream life. Some individuals may experience an allergic reaction of inhalation of the dust.