Pesticide Classification
__ Herbicide __ Fungicide
__ Insecticide/Miticide
_X Molluscicide __ Repellent
Properties Properties Properties
__ Selective
__ Non-selective

__ Pre-emergent
__ Post-emergent

__ Systemic
__ Contact
__ Broad Spectrum
__ Specific

__ Systemic
__ Non-systemic

__ Protectant
__ Eradicant
__ Synthetic
__ Biological
__ Oil
__ Soap
__ Botanical
_X Other
__ Broad-spectrum
_X Specific

__ Systemic
_X Non-systemic

__ Contact poison
_X Stomach poison
__ Other

Common Brand Names:

Bayer Advanced Snail & Slug
Bonide Slug Magic
Earth-tone® Bug & Slug Control (+ Spinosad)
Earth-tone® Slug & Snail Control
Monterey- Slugo Snail & Slug Bait
Natria™ Snail & Slug Killer Bait

Chemical Action and Usages: Molluscicide in a granular or pellet form for the control of slugs and snails around lawns, gardens, ornamentals, vegetables, fruit trees, citrus and in greenhouses. The active ingredient is ferric (iron) phosphate which is a common chemical with a variety of uses including as an ingredient in fertilizer. Snails and slugs are more sensitive to the effects of iron phosphate than are other organisms. This product attracts (contains an attractant) snails and slugs and when the pests eat the pellets, the iron phosphate interferes with calcium metabolism in their gut, causing them to stop eating almost immediately. They die three to six days later.

Cautions/Instructions: Read the label carefully of the brand you have selected. Apply the product according to the directions on the label. This product is an alternative to the more toxic chemical (metaldehyde/carbaryl) formulation that has been used to control snails and slugs. Do not apply this product to water. Consult the label for the appropriate harvest waiting period when using around vegetables.

Toxicity: Low toxicity to humans, pets, birds or fish. May cause moderate eye irritation. There are no harmful effects to earthworms and certain ground beetles if users follow application directions on the label.