Pesticide Classification
__ Herbicide __ Fungicide
_X Insecticide/Miticide
__ Molluscicide __ Repellent
Properties Properties Properties
__ Selective
__ Non-selective

__ Pre-emergent
__ Post-emergent

__ Systemic
__ Contact
__ Broad Spectrum
__ Specific

__ Systemic
__ Non-systemic

__ Protectant
__ Eradicant
__ Synthetic
__ Biological
_X Oil
__ Soap
__ Botanical
__ Other
_X Broad-spectrum
__ Specific

__ Systemic
__ Non-systemic

__ Contact poison
__ Stomach poison
_X Other

Common Brand Names:

Bonide All Seasons Horticultural and Dormant Spray Oil
Earth-tone® Horticultural Oil (Canola oil)
Ferti-lome Oil Spray Concentrate & RTS
Hi-Yield Dormant Oil Spray
Monterey Saf-T-Side Horticultural Oil
Natria Multi Insect Control Concentrate (Canola oil)
Natria Multi Insect Control RTS (Canola oil)
Ortho Volck Oil Spray
Sunspray Ultra-Fine Spray Oil
Sunspray Ultra-Fine Year Round Pesticidal Oil

Chemical Action and Usages: Parafinitic petroleum distillate horticultural oil in emulsified liquid concentrate form. Mix with water per label instructions in accordance with intended use. Insecticide for use as a dormant spray (before buds show green tissue), delayed dormant spray (when leaves of blossomed buds have grown to ½ inch long) or growing season/summer spray on fruit trees, shade trees, shrubs, ornamentals, roses and vegetables. Also registered for use on certain houseplants. Oil sprays control a wide variety of insects and insect eggs including aphids, mealy bugs, mites, scale, lacebugs, leaf miners, psyllids, whiteflies and beetle larvae (but not adult beetles). Kills insects and insect eggs primarily by smothering and suffocating them and not be chemical action. For use as dormant oil, spray trees and shrubs in early spring to control targeted over wintering insect stages and over wintering eggs. For use as a growing season or summer oil, spray plants from June to August (see cautions below).

Cautions/Instructions: Read the label carefully of the brand you have selected. Apply the product according to the instructions on the label. Do no use within 30 days of any sulfur application. Do not use when temperatures are above 90 degrees F. Bleaching and spotting may occur on the open blooms of some flowering plants.

Toxicity: Low toxicity to humans, but can cause skin and eye irritations. Low toxicity to birds, bees or fast moving beneficial insects. Toxic to fish.