Pesticide Classification
__ Herbicide __ Fungicide
_X Insecticide/Miticide
__ Molluscicide __ Repellent
Properties Properties Properties
__ Selective
__ Non-selective

__ Pre-emergent
__ Post-emergent

__ Systemic
__ Contact
__ Broad Spectrum
__ Specific

__ Systemic
__ Non-systemic

__ Protectant
__ Eradicant
_X Synthetic
__ Biological
__ Oil
__ Soap
__ Botanical
__ Other
_X Broad-spectrum
__ Specific

__ Systemic
_X Non-systemic

_X Contact poison
_X Stomach poison
__ Other

Common Brand Names:

Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Dust for Gardens
Bonide Borer-Miner Killer Concentrate
Bonide Eight Garden & Home RTS
Bonide Eight Garden Dust
Bonide Eight Yard & Garden RTS
Hi Yield Garden, Pet & Livestock Dust
Hi Yield Indoor/Outdoor Broad Use Insecticide
Hi Yield Lawn, Garden, Pet & Livestock Insect Control
Hi-Yield Kill-A-Bug II
Hi-Yield Kill-A-Bug II Lawn Granules
Ortho Bug-B-Gone Garden Insect Killer Dust

Chemical Action and Usages: Synthetic pyrethroid (active ingredient permethrin) insecticide that is available in a number of different formulations. Chemically resembles the naturally occurring botanical pyrethrins found in certain chrysanthemums, except pyrethroids such as permethrin are more toxic to pest than the pyrethrins and have a longer residual persistence (up to 4 weeks after application, depending on formulation used). Acts as both a stomach poison and a contact killer for a wide range of insect pests and mites, including ants, aphids, budworms, grasshoppers, mealybugs, moths, scale insects, tent caterpillars and webworms. It is also used around the home on lawns and as a perimeter spray to control ants, ticks, fleas and other nuisance pests. Paralyzes insect nervous systems. Use as a foliar treatment on a wide range of ornamentals, trees, shrubs,

Cautions/Instructions: Read the label carefully of the brand and formulation you have selected. Apply the product according to the directions on the label. If used on food crops, consult the product label for the appropriate harvest waiting period after last application.

Toxicity: Low toxicity to humans, birds and pets. Toxic to bees and many beneficial insects. Highly toxic to fish.