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If You Build It, They Will Come

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If You Build It, They Will Come

Many years ago when my girls were young we would go on frequent hikes through the many beautiful parks and nature sanctuaries that St. Louis has to offer.  They would collect a vast array of priceless finds from rocks, sticks and leaves to an extensive assortment of seed pods, bits of moss and an occasional cicada wing – which I wryly told them were fairy wings no longer in use.  At times the collection of precious ‘yard waste’ would become a little overwhelming.  One summer day I took the pile of special yard treasures, the girls and the hot glue gun out on the patio and created a once-in-a-life-time dream house for the fairies who call our yard home.  It was a wonderful opportunity to use our imaginations and when we were done the house was three stories tall complete with winding staircases, furniture, and even a look-out tower.  We enjoyed that fairy house all season as did the birds, squirrels and chipmunks.  We were never sure just who slept in the bed or if the fairies used the swing but we know someone did.  Our house only lasted one summer but my girls and I still talk about it to this day.

The Kemper Center for Home Gardening has a similar enchanting surprise for visitors this summer.  The Spoehrer Children’s Garden located off the gourd arbor (in the Kemper gardens) will host a very special display of one-of-a-kind fairy garden artwork created exclusively by our talented horticulture staff.  During the cold winter months they were busy inside creating an array of charming fairy houses each unique and all made of natural materials.  In addition the skilled staff fashioned wire sculpture fairies and animals which will also be out in the garden cavorting among these whimsical houses.  The much awaited fairy garden display will magically appear any day now.

The Missouri Botanical Garden has sprung to life and is especially lovely this time of year.  Be sure to visit all our beautiful gardens this spring and drop by the special fairy garden display before it ‘magically’ disappears.

Jan Gowen, Kemper Horticulture Assistant

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