A. Macro Nature Images 

Macro photographs of flowers and plants only may be used by individuals for non-commercial or commercial usage at no charge. We define “macro photographs” as those depicting a single subject photographed closely enough that no other background or recognizable images are visible. Macro photographs are limited to nature subjects only; buildings, structures, landscapes, display beds, reflecting pools, fountains, benches, statuary, artwork or any other element that is recognizable as the Missouri Botanical Garden may not be depicted. 

Further: if macro photographs are used commercially such that the Missouri Botanical Garden is mentioned in any way, including credit line, permission must be requested and the intended use approved in advance by the Missouri Botanical Garden Public Relations Department. A $50 fee will apply in such cases. 

For commercial usage as photographic artwork, see section I: B.

B. Missouri Botanical Garden Identifiable Images 

The Missouri Botanical Garden permits the usage of an identifiable or macro shot for individual use or for sale as photographic artwork only (i.e. framed, mounted, hanging or printed photographs) at no charge. Limited to scenery only; individuals may not be depicted. Images of non-public areas and exhibits or events where commercial photography is expressly forbidden may not be used. Please note: permission to use photos depicting Dale Chihuly’s glass artwork must be approved in advance by Portland Press Inc. Contact: Diane Caillier, DianeC@portlandpress.net or (206) 297-1304 ext. 256; P.O. Box 70856, Seattle, WA 98127. 

The Missouri Botanical Garden also permits the one-time usage of an identifiable image for usage in hand-produced note cards or postcards intended for resale, limited to a quantity of up to 50 cards, for a $50 fee. Shots must be approved in advance on a case-by-case basis.  

All other photographs for sale for any other purpose (mugs, t-shirts, posters, greeting cards, promotional items, product packaging, stock photography, etc.) must be approved in advance on a case-by-case basis and will occasion fees starting at $500 per image. 

A. Identifiable Images

We negotiate commercial licensing of Missouri Botanical Garden-owned images based on a variety of factors. Please email pr@mobot.org with details of your project, including:

  • Image(s) requested 
  • Intended audience 
  • Intended use 
  • Broadcast or distribution method 
  • Resolution required 
  • Deadline

B. PlantFinder Images 

i. Online
The Missouri Botanical Garden allows unlimited, royalty-free use of low-resolution images in our PlantFinder database (displayed on the web) in online works that meet the following criteria: 

  • The online work is free and open for public use without a fee. 
  • Each image is credited in a caption as: Courtesy Missouri Botanical Garden PlantFinder 
  • A direct link is provided to the PlantFinder page from which the image was taken. This could be via the “Courtesy Missouri Botanical Garden PlantFinder” credit or other (for example: “More Information”). The link can be in the image caption or in a description that accompanies the plant image. 

ii. Print
Up to 10 low-resolution images may be used in a single non-commercial print work as long as the credit Courtesy Missouri Botanical Garden PlantFinder appears with each image. Images marked “High-resolution image available” are available in three to four megapixel JPEG files for a fee of $50 per image (one-time use). 

Images will print at about five-by-seven-inches at 300dpi. Commercial printing rights of our low-resolution images displayed on the web are also available; contact us for more information. 

C. Rare Book Images – www.botanicus.org

Copyrighted electronic materials in the Rare Books collection from the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Peter H. Raven Library (available at www.botanicus.org or www.illustratedgarden.org) are free for non-commercial use as long as you abide by the terms set down in the Creative Commons AttributionNoncommercial 2.5 license: 

  • No commercial use - You cannot use our images to make money, or for any commercial endeavor, without prior approval. Please feel free to use our images for your presentations, academic materials, non-profit publications or non-profit websites. If you want to include our images on your commercial web site, please read our commercial licensing provisions below. 
  • Provide attribution – Please credit: Image courtesy Missouri Botanical Garden. www.botanicus.org 

This license applies only to images stored within Botanicus. It does not apply to image files at other sites that are linked from Botanicus. 

We negotiate commercial licensing based on a variety of factors. Please contact us with details of your project, including: 

  • Image(s) requested 
  • Intended audience 
  • Intended use 
  • Broadcast or distribution method 
  • Resolution required 
  • Deadline 

D. Archival Images 

Copyrighted electronic materials from the Missouri Botanical Garden Archives (“An Illustrated History of the Missouri Botanical Garden” available at www.mobot.org/mobot/archives/default.asp) may be used for research, instruction and private study under the provisions of Fair Use. Fair Use is a provision of United States Copyright Law (United States Code, Title 17, section 107) which allows limited use of copyrighted materials under certain conditions. Factors to be considered whether a particular use falls under Fair Use include: 

  • The purpose or character of the use; 
  • The amount and substantiality of the work being used; 
  • The effect of the use on the market for and value of the original. 

Under Fair Use you may view, print, photocopy and download images from this site without prior permission, provided that you give proper credit to the Missouri Botanical Garden on all copies. Please credit: ©2009 Missouri Botanical Garden. www.mobot.org For any other use of these electronic 

For questions regarding any portion of the Missouri Botanical Garden Image Usage Policy, email pr@mobot.org or call (314) 577-0254 or (314) 577-5141.

Direct correspondence to:
Missouri Botanical Garden Public Relations Department
4344 Shaw Blvd. 
St. Louis, MO 63166-0299

For questions regarding media usage of PlantFinder images, email pr@mobot.org. For all other questions regarding PlantFinder images, please email plant.information@mobot.org or write to:

Missouri Botanical Garden PlantFinder
Kemper Center for Home Gardening
4344 Shaw Blvd. 
St. Louis, MO 63166-0299

For questions regarding Rare Book images, email randy.smith@mobot.org. For questions regarding Archival images, email andrew.colligan@mobot.org.

The Missouri Botanical Garden’s policies are subject to change.